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The internet if full of tips, tricks and generally weird things to try and save you time and money.

Some of the things are down right genius. 


Some... well, let's just say if posted on facebook, people would try them just because "it has to work because it's on facebook!"

See exhibit 1:


I mean, technically it works... but seriously?


And my favorite type of life hack and life pro tips? The click bait...


I mean, there's useful stuff... but see... these tips aren't life saving... trust me, I read the blog post that went with that image. I'll give you the tl;dr version

  1.  Tuck the ends in when a roll is hanging to keep a pet from destroying
  2. Put it in a coffee can while camping to keep it dry
  3. Paper towels work just as good cut in half
  4. Makeshift slingshot -  Snip off the bottom part of a balloon and stretch it over the top of an empty toilet roll.
  5. Store wrapping paper -  take your empty toilet roll, cut it open vertically and then pop it on the rolled wrapping paper
  6. Tuna torch - Open up the tuna can, take a few squares of toilet paper from your coffee container dispenser and put it on top of the tuna – let it soak in a bit of that oil (tuna in brine won’t work). Then just set the paper alight; it’ll burn for about half an hour.
  7. Make a can cooker - same as above but use rubbing alcohol, the tp and an empty soup can. 

In my opinion, perhaps the last two are possible life savers... IF you have the other things around you need to make it work. I guess if you're MacGuyver, you'll figure out a way to keep your tp from burning off too fast though.


Ok... back to the "shitty" life pro tips. Cause those are actually hilarious... 

Spray headphones to keep them from getting tangled

Seems legit.


Seat belt buckles are GREAT at this next one

Don't judge me

Is that how this works?



Maybe if it was ranch flavored...



Use tape and a fork when you don't have a spoon...


wait... thats actually not as stupid as it seems....


Spilled coffee? No problem... soak the pants in coffee for the uniform color

This one isn't that bad either. Just make sure you aren't wearing the pants when you soak them. 


Can of paint... box fan...


Can someone video this and tell me if it makes a really nice splatter paint effect on your wall?


Wait... wait... wait... so in roaming the internet to add more hilarity to this post... I've found an app for that. 


I almost wish I had an android phone for it. 

Ok... just a few more



Life Hack #35

Remove all of your pimples by putting a hot iron on your face


Life Hack #33

If you see someone crying, ask if it’s because of their haircut.


Life Hack #6

Want pearly white teeth? Substitute your mouthwash with bleach and expect amazing results in just a few days!


Life Hack #22

Kids having nightmares about a monster under the bed? Explain it’s been eaten by the clown in the attic.





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