This really seems to be a theme here. Except for this time, I already had someone I knew would come with.

My older daughter. At almost 18, she's got some pretty defined tastes in music: country, rock, hard rock, harder rock. See where I'm going with this?

Now, on a scale of one to holy metal head batman, I'd say Incubus is a 4. They were mainstream enough to hit the top 40 charts, but not so soft that I felt like I was listening to the soft classic rock they play at the dentist's office.

We talked at home about it and were both pretty stoked. My husband was confused. "Incu-who?" 

"You'd know them if you heard them," I said and pulled up youtube on my phone and started playing songs. "Ahhh... I've heard that"


Anyhow, with a good friend, my daughter and a friend of hers along as well, we headed off to Bethel Woods for a Sunday night concert. My friend was concerned because hey, it's Sunday and there's work on Monday. I told her I'd know all the set times and we'd be outta there in plenty of time to not get stuck in traffic. 

Surprisingly, it was a good crowd when we got there. I didn't figure the "Incu-who" crowd would be big... to be honest, I think there were more cars there earlier than there was for Mellencamp. Weird. 

The crowd was mixed too. Older than me, and younger than my daughter. It was odd and yet pretty awesome to see such a range rocking on a Sunday night. But hey, School's out for summer right?

Atlas Genius was up first. And I was in the pit. Sweating. Seriously sweating. 

The alternative rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia and I swear to Cthulu they brought the heat as well as the rock from down under. A 6:30 show time and it was still 85 and humid. 

I was actually thankful for the cold concrete of the stage as I snapped away. Though I hadn't listened to them before, I can definitively say I'll be downloading some of that. 

A break, a drink and a walk up to where there was a slight (read: almost none) breeze and back down to listen to Jimmy Eat World.  Remember them in the 90s singing The Middle?  I forgot about it too, until they sang it. Thankfully, they were better than the second act last week and didn't put me to sleep... until they got to the slow songs. 

Another break and I had to be back for song 4, 5 and 6 of Incubus. Strange that it wasn't 1, 2, 3... but hey, they set the rules. 

Another bunch of photos, and we rocked out til a half hour til show was over.  Then it was time to Drive home

Hey, I wish you were here to see Incu-who.... instead, you'll have to settle for some photos. 


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