Honesdale goes viral

That's right... Honesdale has gone viral. 


I've seen it on reddit, the Daily Mail, heck, it has 3,700,231 views on youtube as of 12:15 on 11/16/16 and it was only posted November 14. It's #4 on trending on Youtube right now. 


Kind of crazy isn't it?



I mean, here's a local guy. A guy I happen to know. He used what he had available as he videos things with drones to make a living, as well as does photography, and other things. His family, they too seem like you're every day Wayne County family. A son, a softball playing daughter, a wife. Normal. And now he's Youtube viral and famous.

There's nothing really more I can add to this. Although I do love that the Daily Mail has the following for headlines:

'Watch carefully, you can see 18 years go down the drain': Husband 'catches his wife cheating' by using a DRONE

YouTube user uploaded footage of his wife getting into a stranger's car

Claims it shows her going for a meeting with the man she is cheating with

He can be heard breaking down, accusing her of 'throwing away' 18 years

Some have called the video fake, as the man has played pranks in the past

If you go to their page, the comments are unreal. Seriously.

ClearedHot, Atlanta, United States, about 4 hours ago

He's a bit upset. Hopefully he will just hire a divorce lawyer and resist the temptation to OJ her.

L.AFinesse, East, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Lot of ladies gonna get home today to see their hubby casually unpacking a drone

redskelf, Bexhill, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Err. You don't actually know anything. Perhaps she was meeting him in secret to plan a big anniversary surprise? You are the one who may destroy your marriage through suspicion and lack of trust.

And that's JUST a highlight (lowlight?) on that webpage. Surf around a little and I bet you'll see even more. Especially on the Youtube comments.


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