Get off my grass!

I sit here in Albany. At a concert. In a bar. I guess you could call it more than a bar. But basically it's a big bar. I'm surrounded by college kids. Kids who are dancing. Spilling beer, dropping pint glasses, and generally being the gauged ear, man bun wearing crowd I assumed would be there. 

The music isn't something I sought out but rather was invited to come check out. So I did. And while it's not my style, all three acts in the show held their own. (Ok... I admit... the first band, Layne, I actually DO like. Quite a bit. And it's not because she copied my hair style)


Anyhow, to the point here. I can't believe all these kids are living the show through their phones. I say this almost ironically as I'm typing this on my phone to post later. AND I will admit I did live stream part of it on my personal facebook page. 
however, to the girl three people ahead of me... you seriously DONT need to snapchat every moment of the concert as you dance with a buzz. 
This reminds me of photographs I've taken at Bethel Woods. Trying to get that great concert shot and someone with a cellphone is hogging the view. I actually used a shot like that. Twice. It makes not only an interesting cover shot, but also a pretty astute observation about the way we live now. 
Ironically, I've written this blog post while waiting for K.Fly to finish her set. (I did have to stop and record the last song. FML. I'll let you google what that means.) However, I took most of my time tonite to simply enjoy the experience. 
Now... get these kids and their darn technology off my grass. 


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