FTS Friday

A what? Im sure you're thinking that. FTS stand \s for full tank shot. Its an acronym on a subreddit I frequent. Fridays are designated days for posting a "full tank shot" of your aquarium. 

Sometimes you'll see tropical gems like this:


Other times you'll get to see these great sculpted designs:



A yellow ciclid tank is one of this week's favorite... at least for me...



Completely minamal and yet strinking. 


Anyhow. Do you have any fish? An tanks? Do you have MTS? (Multi Tank Syndrom?)

Want to send me your tanks? (kidding! Kind of)

I really have my eye on a 125 gallon tank on sale on Black Friday... but, in order to do that, Im going to have to get rid of at least 2 of the tanks I have. :p

One last shot... before I continue thinking about getting that tank... 





So check out reddit.com/r/aquariums


If you like fish, you'll find advice, fish to look at and links to other communities about fish keeping. 




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