Can we talk?

Can we talk for a minute?

Yeah... let's talk about that. 

I know. I'm a designer. It means I see things that make me cringe ALL THE DAMN TIME. Seriously. 


That flyer you made? Hand-lettered sign with bad kerning?

Your choice of fonts, and god forbid people learn that clip art doesn't make things better. 


It's ok... because we're going to have a little lesson right here in this very blog post. Or rather, I'm just going to show you what makes me want to vomit. 


Seriously. It is. EVERYWHERE. 

Let's start with kerning. 


What's kerning you ask?

Do you get it yet?

It's the spaces between the letters... or sometimes lack thereof.

It used to be that setting type was an art (I mean, it still is, but anyone with a mouse and a keyboard can make an attempt now).

What happens when kerning is done wrong?

You've seen it online. All over. Probably pops up in your facebook or twitter feed. I snapchat people bad typography and kerning all the time. 


Flickering lights? Yeah, that's not what it LOOKS like it says. L and I next to each other can be a disaster.


PS... so can C and L


C&L look like a D. L&I look like a U. 


Other times there's TOO MUCH SPACE between l e t t e r s.


Yeah... look at that. You're not seeing the word therapist when you stare at it. 

Sometimes its innocuous. It doesn't have a double meaning. But it still pisses me off.



Seriously.  Someone really needs to LOOK before they PRINT. 


Perhaps this XKCD comic will make you understand...


Let's take this one step further. Sideways type? Cool. Poorly kerned sideways tyope?


Does that say THE or WTF? Either way... Still bad. 

But hey, not everyone has an eye for design... 


Now that you've seen all that, you'll never un-see it. And kerning will either drive you up the wall, or make you laugh. 

Tomorrow, let's talk fonts shall we?



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