Almost Christmas

Ok, I've been slacking. Things at work have been super busy. Holiday schedules, extra projects, this website you're reading my ramblings on... is there more work I should be doing instead of writing for you? You bet there is. 


However, when it's time for a break, it's time for a break. And, I have actually walked away from this computer three times for other work that needs to be done around the office before I finished writing this sentence. Seriously. 


So, anyhow... let's talk about my new favorite Christmas movie. Can you guess it? I'm betting not.

Here's a clue or so... it came out in 2015... it's streaming on Netflix... IMDB has a 5.7 out of 10 rating for it... it involves Santa... and Krampus... William Shatner happens to be in it. 

I know, none of that happened to provide you with any real hope of figuring it out, unless you binge watch Netflix and don't pass up on the campy B movies. 

A Christmas Horror Story.

Santa fighting zombies, Krampus eating horrible people, a little boy who is replaced by a little monster, teenagers being well... teenagers. 

IMDB synopsis... Interwoven stories that take place on Christmas Eve, as told by one festive radio host: A family brings home more than a Christmas tree, a student documentary becomes a living nightmare, a Christmas spirit terrorizes, Santa slays evil.

I like all four stories... I wish though that it would have been four separate stories... or that there was a way to play them that way. Simply because the suspense loses momentum. Now, I will also admit that the zombies are corny. However, Nordic type Santa is awesome. As is Krampus. In fact, I want a Krampus doll, or action figure... or something that resembles this bad guy on this movie. 


Seriously. This is an amazingly rendered bad buy. Not over the top Germanic styled Krampus, nor is it too close to a Ron Pearlman character. 

The site has a great little article with the actor, and a few shots of them applying makeup. Check it out. 

If cheesy horror flicks and William Shatner tying it all together are up your alley... check this one out. It's not something to sit and watch with your kids, but rather something to watch after they've gone off to bed and you've had a couple glasses of eggnog. ;)





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