An Adulting School? Seriously?!?

Ok, I'll be the first to admit, I know a LOT of people that don't have skills. I'm not saying they're hopeless, or incompetent... more like lacking in common sense and the ability to wing it to solve life's little dilemmas. Flat tire? Yeah... rip in your pants? How about a leaky faucet?

I can't believe in this day and age, with youtube videos on how to do EVERYTHING, some people just can't figure out simple things. I get it, sometimes things are a little tricky. I mean, I wouldn't expect the average person to rebuild a motor, or crack open a computer to replace a fan. However, there are some things I just can't imagine not being able to do. I know I'm above average on the fit it myself scale, but a school for being an adult? *SIGH*



Yep. Even a new age logo to go with this "school"


I hear it on the radio in a news story last week, or maybe the week before... finally decided I would look and see if it was a big joke for millennials, or it was really something...whelp, it's apparently real. 


They even have a quiz to see how much of an adult you are.  So, obviously I'm going to take it... for science. 


Let's see... Question 1. I know how much money I have and how to access it. . . .

. . . I know just how much I don't have too, and what that means. Ramen or ramen for dinner folks? (KIDDING)

Question 10.... I can whip up a meal with what's in my fridge.

If frozen meat that I harvested myself, and veggies I grew count? Then yes. Sheesh... this adulting thing seems pretty easy so far...

Question 11... I can hang a picture on my wall. (e.g. I know how to find a stud or use a wall-anchor)

Well, I sure can find a stud... I mean, I DID marry one. (SHHHH our secret) But, I not only can hang a picture, hanging deer heads, fish, towel racks, shelves... yeah, I got this skill. 

Question 13. I can unclog a drain.

HELLO, I'm female... with two teenage daughters. Do you have ANY idea HOW MUCH HAIR gets washed into the shower drain? A LOT. Seriously. 

Question 15. I can repair a broken screen or window.

I can also pull a fender of my car when a deer hits it and put a new one on. What's the big deal with this?

Question 19: I know how to check a car's oil and how to tell when it needs an oil change.

Shouldn't every driver know this? I mean, nothing says I shouldn't be driving more than not knowing where the dipstick on your motor is, or that the 710 cap isn't a thing. 


Right, moving on before I find a ship to outer space.


Question 21: I know how to put on a spare tire if I get a flat.

I can't even right now. And I know that's such a teenager phrase... but come on... THIS is what kids should learn in driver's ed. Hell, this should be on a basic life skill course mandatory for passing 8th grade. I know my kids can change a tire. And did I mention they're both GIRLS. 

Question 25: I limit junk food.

Wait, what? Isn't the point of being an adult the ability to eat what you want WHEN you want it? I mean, moderation, but if you want eggos with ice cream for breakfast, you get down with your bad ass self. Seriously. 

Question 28: I meditate several times a week.

If by meditate you mean hide in the bathroom from my family with a Milky Way bar, while silently praying that they don't find me?? then yes. 

Question 30: I exercise at least 3 times a week.

Yes. I throw my weight around, push my luck... oh... OH... actual exercise... well, I do walk around with the dog a bit... and I goof around with my 2-year-old niece... good enough for me. 

Question 31: I know relaxation skills and use them when I'm stressed (deep breathing, muscle relaxation, etc.).

Sure, I can recite (under my breath) every curse word known to mankind and a few that aren't. I also relax my muscles when I'm sleeping. Because THAT is what being an adult is all about. 

Question 33: I'm able to communicate my emotions and needs clearly.

Sure, until I'm exasperated by being asked the same thing over and over again. Then I just keep my "emotions and needs" all to myself, just like every other sane adult on the planet. 

Question 35: I know when to use which form of correspondence (e.g. text, phone call, etc.) For example, I wouldn't break up with someone over text.

I was going to text my kids about this... but thought it would be better just to sit them down. I was right. 


Question 36:  If I wanted to change careers or start a business I'd know how to explore my options and get support.

Well, look at me now, I'm blogging instead of designing... that's a a start. Actually, all kidding aside, I've been there and done that. Changing jobs isn't fun, neither is changing careers. However, with enough google-fu, it wasn't as bad as it used to be in the days of actually walking around for a job. 


The final Question...

I know how to use social media effectively in a job hunt.

I can reddit my way to success, and there's plenty of job listings online... that's a cinch. Hand delivering resumes before the internet? Try that kids... online applications are great. I literally sat in my pjs 5 years ago and filled them out. None of that getting dressed and looking presentable with a hand made portfolio,


My results?

You've Got Your Adulting Pants On! 
You only call your parents for help sometimes...
Let us be your GO-TO so that you'll only need to call them to say "HI!"

Wait a second... I don't call for help... I GET called for help. 

Something smells fishy. Im going to go back through and answer every single one of them with an affirmative and then with a negative... because being an adult means researching sites and knowing scams... so, I answered everything yes... got the same answer...

When I answered everything wrong... Sorry to Break It To You---Your Parents Are Tired of Your Daily Calls for Help: Let us be your GO-TO for the adulting skills you're missing!


First lesson of Amanda's adult school... if you think you need an adult school, you probably do. 

Second lesson... if that made you think you do... you need a double dose of it. 

Third lesson... don't do this. These are all things a friend can teach you. 

Because nothing says I know how to spend money wisely like blowing it on a school that doesn't do much for you...




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