Spring Softball

2016 has been interesting.

We had a leap year, and Brexit, and Bob Dylan won a Nobel Peace Prize. We had a nasty election, and even nastier post-election things. We lost some great people. (George Michael, Carrie Fisher, John Glenn, Gene Wilder, Mohammed Ali, Prince, Harper Lee, Nancy Reagan, Alan Rickman, David Bowie.) There's been massive conspiracy theories, or rather apocalyptic predictions going on, and plane crashes and acts of violence


We had a really gross Olympics, The Panama Papers, a rather impressive DDoS, and we realized the Internet of Things is going to be something to keep an eye on. North Korea keeps trying to be a kid and blow shit up. We've had some great movies, and some crappy ones. Reddit got a major shakedown, and Yahoo lost a lot of data and really screwed stuff up. 

There's the Orlando Shooting, Harambe, that kid who got eaten by a gator at Disney


But here's the good news...

Global carbon emissions appear to have stopped increasing. Seriously. That's something. I mean death murder and mayhem aside, emissions is killing us all.. so yay!

And that means the Ozone Layer is repairing itself! 

The first plane to circumnavigate the world with no fuel happened. Yay solar energy!

Things got Strange... well, on Netflix at least. And it was a smash hit. I'm sure a combination of Eggos and Winona Ryder didn't hurt that. 

There's an Ebola Vaccine now. 

Leo got dat oscar.

93% of the world's children learned to read and write - the highest percentage IN HUMAN HISTORY

Wild Salmon spawning in the Connecticut river for the first time since the American revolution

Manatees - No longer endangered. They're still threatened, but at least there's hope. (Because the extinction rate we have goin on makes me want to cry)

Got measles? Oh no. Not in the Americas

And there were some really big breakthroughs in AIDS research. 

Though it seems all doom and gloom for 2016, it just ain't so. One just has to dig about 100 times harder to see the good stuff pop up in your social media.  

And, I guess, if that isn't enough, I can always remind you to click through the slideshow of pictures I posted on this. 





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