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The Pennsylvania congressional maps as drawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will stand.

Federal court declines to block new PA districts

WASHINGTON, DC — A federal three-judge panel ruled on March 19 that it would not step into the redistricting process in Pennsylvania, and therefore the new map drawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, with a consultant, will be the map used in the state for the congressional election this fall.

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Maps of the new and old (below) congressional districts show that the one in which Wayne and Pike counties are now included is more compact, and will have more Democratic voters because of inclusion of the cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.

PA Supreme Court issues new congressional maps

HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on February 19 issued new congressional district maps that are likely to be in place for the November election. The maps will have an impact on seats in Washington, DC in the federal House of Representatives.

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The gerrymandering fight in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PA — On Feb. 13, Gov. Tom Wolf rejected the new congressional district maps submitted by Republcan leadership. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will now draw up its own verrsion of the maps, if the Wolf and the Republicans don’t agree to a new map plan by Feb. 15.  That’s the latest move in the battle over the gerrymandered maps.

Pennsylvania State map

The map of Pennsylvania’s Seventh Congressional District, dubbed “Goofy Kicking Donald Duck,” is an example of extreme gerrymandering that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck down.

PA Republicans ask U.S. Supreme Court to step in

WASHINGTON, DC — In the aftermath of a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that congressional districts are unconstitutional because they are too gerrymandered, Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule the state court.

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The League of Women Voters uses the 20th Pennsylvania State Senate District as one of several that show the results of gerrymandering. 

Pennsylvania redistricting update

HARRISBURG, PA — A trial will begin on December 10 in Commonwealth Court to determine whether state lawmakers engaged in extreme partisan gerrymandering when drawing up the current districts in 2011. Because of an order from the Supreme Court, the Commonwealth Court must come up with a decision on the question by the end of the year.


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