Food 2017

If you live in or visit the Upper Delaware River Valley, by now you’ve certainly seen the bumper sticker “No Farms, No Food” or its corollary “Yes Farms, Yes Food.” Either way, this concise message expresses an incontrovertible truth about where our food comes from. And yet, how often do we thank our farmers, who rise before dawn and work until dark, who toil in the hot sun and harvest their crops in the pouring rain? Some days, being a farmer can be one of the hardest jobs on earth. As one farmer said to me recently, “People just don’t know.” And so today when you sit down to a meal, please do think of the farmer who produced the food that is before you, and say thanks to that farmer. In this issue of our annual FOOD magazine, we are pleased to showcase food columnist Laura Silverman’s own salute to our local farmers in her article, My Farmer, My Friend. In it, she shares some of her experiences and a recipe from the Barryville Farmers’ Market where she shows shoppers various ways to use the farm-fresh products they can buy there. Don’t know what to do with escarole, celeriac, or a rutabaga? See Laura at the farmers’ market. Learning to eat what’s in season locally not only helps our farmers make a living, it also yields big rewards in the flavor and nutrition departments. And with the amazing array of vegetables available right now, eating locally is as easy as it gets. Among my personal, easyto-make favorites to serve on a hot summer day are cold soups. It is my pleasure to share three of these recipes with you in Keep Cool in the Kitchen. Another nourishing, cool summertime favorite of our enterprising and fearless home cook Laurie Stuart is yogurt. Join her as she shows how you too can make rich and satisfying yogurt at home with milk, fresh from the local dairy. For “foodies” looking for some summer reading suggestions, we have a few book suggestions. Mid-summer harvest offers a wealth of choices for your eating pleasure, so enjoy the bounty our local farmers have to offer. Fall and winter will be here before you know it.

Jane Bollinger

Section Editor


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