FISH 2018

This year’s FISH magazine has something for everyone, from beginners who think fly fishing might be fun but just haven’t been able to get started, to veteran anglers and environmentalists who are keenly interested in the fight to better the fish habitat in our river. You’ll learn about one of the Upper Delaware’s most precious assets: its shad population, which, while still somewhat precarious, is one of the healthiest still remaining on the East Coast. Find out about its lifecycle, when to look for it and how to fish for it—you can use either spinning or fly-fishing equipment—from one of the Upper Delaware’s professional fishing guides, Evan Padua. A couple more licensed guides, Jim and Patti Serio, explode some of the myths that keep many people from even trying to fly fish. No, it’s not that hard, it’s not that expensive, and you don’t have to travel far to do it. If you’ve been itching to get into fly fishing but haven’t dared so far, this is the article for you. Two of our articles fill you in on both the past and the present of the decades-long fight to preserve and enhance the coldwater habitat of our trout fisheries. Tony Bonavist, a retired New York State Department of Environmental Conservation biologist, was on the front lines of the initial battle to get New York City to implement conservation releases from its reservoirs at the head of the river. These were crucial in helping to mitigate high temperatures on the river that can stress and kill trout. He’ll tell you how that battle was fought and won. Peter Kolesar, a retired professor still active with Columbia University’s Water Center, brings you up to date on the most recent phase of the effort to improve the fisheries. His mathematical research and activism laid the foundation for the Flexible Flow Management Program that now guides reservoir releases. He explains how the plan builds on the earlier gains, and what further improvements we might expect on the most recent version, approved in 2017. And whether you fish or just like to get out on the river early and come off it late, you’ll find our eating guide a useful resource, for everything from coffee and a bagel for the early-birds who hit the river at dawn to hamburgers and fries for those who finish after dark. Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful season.

Anne Willard

Section editor


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