Explore the Scenic Byway 2016


Celebrate the NPS centennial along the Scenic Byway

One tremendous advantage enjoyed by our Scenic Byway, New York State Route 97, is that virtually its entire length runs through part of the U.S. National Park System:the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. Although most of the land on the banks of the river in the park corridor is still privately owned, communities along the corridor, united in a body called the Upper Delaware Council, work together with the National Park Service (NPS) to protect the "outstandingly remarkable attributes" for which this area was chosen to be part of the U.S. Wild and Scenic River program. The result is many spectacular and unspoiled prospects from the road itself, and a multiplicity of public access points that allow you to get up front and personal with the river, just a stone's throw from the highway.

This year, that synergy between road and park will be particularly vibrant. That's because the National Park System is celebrating its centennial, and all over the country, individual parks will be holding special programs and events for visitors to enjoy. The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is no exception.In this issue of Explore the Scenic Byway, we lead you on a tour of some of the major events that the NPS has planned to celebrate its 100th birthday. You'll find them all summer long, all along the Route 97 Scenic Byway (the map on page x will help you find your way around).

We thank the National Park Service, and especially Superintendent Kristina Heister, Chief of Interpretation Ingrid Peterec and Chief of Natural Resources Management Don Hamilton, for their generous help in providing information and photographs for this issue.


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