An old pizza box is a great place to let your skull dry afer dipping. 

Tips on camo deer-skull dipping

If you want to try your hand at camo deer-skull dipping, here are a few helpful, step-by-step tips:

• Tape It Up: Wrap electrical tape tightly around the base of the horns to prevent paint from tarnishing the surface. While taping up the horns, be sure you wrap several layers of tape upwards from the base to protect them from stray paint.

• Spray Your Base: After choosing the colors you want to use to create your camo skull, spray the skull with your preferred base color. Make sure you cover all areas of the skull to ensure it receives a healthy base coat of paint before being dipped. After completely covering the skull, let it sit for several minutes so the paint can dry.

• Add Your Paint: Once your base color is dried onto the skull, add all the colors you’ve chosen to a bucket of water by spraying each one into the water in the bucket. The paint will float on top of the water. Be sure to start with your base color to ensure an even coat. Once you’ve finished spraying all of your colors on top of the water, swirl the paint with a spoon or dipstick to mate patterns.

• Dip Your Skull: Finally, slowly dip your skull into the paint-filled water, making sure to completely submerge it. Once the skull is submerged, push any excess paint away. Afterwards, pull it out slowly and shake the water off. Let it dry for several minutes, then remove the tape and marvel at your camo skull-dipping skills.

For a Youtube video, see

As a note: This technique can be applied to other skulls or items as well.


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