Ed Wesely took these photos of Walter Bryk back in 2005. At the time, he wrote, “Walter Byrk has motored from Dupont, near Wilkes Barre PA, to fish on the ice at Narowsburg’s Big Eddy. In the picture, Walter holds up three Walleyes he caught on Sunday, December 18.”

Ice fishing destinations

The sites below are listed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation respectively, and allow for public access.


General statewide regulations: fishinpa.com/:


Delaware River: Eastern border of Wayne and Pike counties. See regulations at www.fishandboat.com/fishpub/summary/delaware.html

Belmont Lake, located near Pleasant Mount.

Fish: Bass, panfish, musky, pickerel and walleye

Special regulation: Brood Stock Lakes Program*

Miller Pond, located about 8 miles north of Forest City

Fish: Bass, pickerel and panfish

Special regulation Brood Stock Lakes Program*

Long Pond, located between Bethany and Pleasant Mount

Fish: Pike, largemouth bass, stocked trout, pan fish

Special regulation: Approved Trout Waters**

White Oak Pond, located between Prompton and Pleasant Mount

Fish: Largemouth bass, pan fish

Prompton Lake, located in Prompton

Fish: Pike, largemouth bass, perch, walleye, pan fish, occasional musky and trout

Special regulation: Brood Stock Lakes Program*

Lower Woods Pond, located just south of State Game Lands 159

Fish: Largemouth bass, bluegill, pickerel, walleye

Special regulation: Brood Stock Lakes Program*, Big Bass Special regulation***

Upper Woods Pond, located in State Game Lands 159

Fish: Stocked trout

Duck Harbor Pond, located just east of State Game Lands 159

Fish: Bass, pickerel, perch, trout, panfish and walleye.

Special regulation: Brood Stock Lakes Program*


Pecks Pond, located in the Delaware State Forest off route 402

Fish: Mostly pickerel, some largemouth bass

Fairview Lake, located just south of Lake Wallenpaupack

Special Regulation: Approved Trout Waters****

Fish: Walleye, largemouth bass, stocked trout, panfish

Lake Greeley, located near Greeley

Fish: Largemouth bass, pickerel and panfish

Lake Wallenpaupack, located just south of Hawley,

extending down toward Greentown and Newfoundland.

Anglers should be aware of sudden water-level rises on the Lackawaxen River due to periodic releases from the hydroelectric plant. Walt’s Cove at the north end and opposite of the Wilsonville Campground is a good place to focus for ice fishing.

Fish: largemouth bass, stocked trout, smallmouth bass, panfish

Special regulation: Brood Stock Lakes Program*

Promised Lake and Lower Lake,

located in Promised Land State Park

Fish: Panfish, trout, pickerel, bass, walleye and trout

Special regulation: Lake Panfish Enhancement****

Shohola Lake, located in State Game Lands 180

Fish: Largemouth bass and pickerel

White Deer Lake, off of State Route 402 in Blooming Grove Township

Fish: Largemouth bass, pickerel, walleye and pan fish

Special regulations, PA

*Brood Stock Lakes Program: These regulations are intended to restrict harvest and fish consumption from designated lakes during an FDA-mandated withdrawal period. During this period, fish anesthetics are used during muskellunge, tiger muskellunge (hybrids), northern pike and pickerel culture operations. From April 1 through May 31, fishing for these species is permitted on a catch and release/no harvest basis. It is unlawful to take or possess any muskellunge, tiger muskellunge (hybrids), northern pike and pickerel from these lakes during this period. When caught, these fish species shall be immediately returned unharmed.

**Approved Trout Waters: means that these waters contain significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout. These waters are open to trout harvest during the extended season (visit fishinpa.com and click on “ Inland Waters” for extended seasons by species). Unlisted tributary streams (those not included in this list of “approved trout waters”) are not open to harvest of trout during the “extended season.” Only approved trout waters and all waters downstream of approved trout waters are open during this period. Spearing fish is not permitted in any of these waters at any time of the year.

***Big Bass Program: These special regulations apply to largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass in the waters listed below. Approved Trout Waters (lakes) that are in the Big Bass Program are closed to all fishing from March 1 until the opening day of the trout season. This closure does not pertain to Approved Trout Waters (lakes) open to year-round fishing. For all other species, inland regulations apply. Season: Jan. 1 through April 12 and June 15 through Dec. 31; Minimum size 15 inches; Daily Limit 4 (combined species). Season: April 13 through June 14, NO HARVEST—Catch and immediate release only (no tournaments permitted)

These waters are closed to all fishing (including taking of minnows) from March 1 to 8 a.m. on the opening day of the trout season. A person shall be deemed to be fishing if he or she has in possession any fishing line, rod or other device that can be used for fishing while on or in any water or on the banks within 25 feet of any water where fishing is prohibited.

****Lake Panfish Enhancement: Imposes minimum sizes of 7 inches for sunfish and of 9 inches for yellow perch.

New York

General statewide regulations: www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/31421.html.

Delaware River: Western border of Sullivan County.

Special boundary regulations at www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/31402.html

Bashakill Marsh, located south of Wurtsboro

Pickerel: Open all year. Minimum length: 15”. Daily limit: 5.

Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Open all year.

Minimum length: 12”. Daily limit: 5.

Lake Huntington, located in Cochecton

Trout: Open all year. Minimum length: Any size. Daily limit: 5.

Mongaup Pond, located north of DeBruce

Trout: Open all year. Minimum length: Any size. Daily limit: 5.

Swinging Bridge Reservoir: southwest of Monticello

Walleye: 1st Sat. in May-March 15. Minimum length: 18”

Daily limit: 3.

White Lake, located in White Lake

Trout: Open all year. Minimum length: Any size. Daily limit: 5

Lake Trout: Open all year. Minimum length 15”. Daily limit: 3

Lake Superior, located in Bethel

Statewide regulations apply.

Kiamesha Lake, located north of Monticello

Statewide regulations apply.

Toronto Reservoir, located west of White Lake

Statewide regulations apply.

Waneta Lake, located north of Livingston Manor

Statewide regulations apply.

Morningside lake, located west of Woodbourne

Statewide regulations apply.


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