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All of the cutaways lined up left to right: .9mm JHP, .45 ACP, .300 AAC Blackout, .223 Rem, .308 Win, .50 BMG

Cut in Half:

Ever wonder what ammunition and its components look like internally? Fogammo.com cut these rounds in half to show you a perspective that you may not have seen before.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t try this at home. These models are for demonstration purposes only and were made by trained professionals.

Wildlife Leadership Academy

In summer of 2017, I had the privilege to attend the Wildlife Leadership Academy. This academy focuses on leadership skills and prepares youth to become conservation ambassadors. This week-long field school specialized in white-tailed deer and how they interact with their environment.

Photos by Amanda Reed

Tips on smoking

Not every cut of meat from a harvest, or the store, is the same. Some are tougher than others. Tough meat can be ground into burger, slow roasted, or even turned into stew meat. Another way to make the meat better is to smoke it.

TRR photo by Amanda Reed 

A tri-hone whetstone and some patience can bring dull knives back to their former glory. 

Sharpening knives

We’ve all been there. Finally get the shot, the animal is down, and it’s time to get to the real work. You make the cut and sigh because your knife just isn’t as sharp as you remembered.

Youth hunting

There are more hunters retiring than joining the ranks each year. It’s a sad truth that the next generation of hunters will have to deal with. There will be fewer in the following generation too if the trend keeps up. The best thing to do to combat this? Take a kid hunting.

Tussel proudly displays a coyote taken during one of his adventures into the outdoors. 

Coyote hunting offers hot action

Hunting the Eastern coyote has become more and more popular over time, to the point that many clubs and organizations now pit hunter against hunter for coyote cash in many tournaments around the country. But the lure runs much deeper for most than the smell of green.

Taxidermy Tips

• Every hunter and fisher has seen work that he or she likes. Talk to your friends to find out who did their mounts, visit their shops and look at some of their work first hand. Find out how the taxidermist prefers to receive the animal you’re having mounted.

Is the outdoors calling?

Since mobile phones are woven into everyday life, and come packed with features, why not make the most of it when you get outdoors? There’s an app for just about everything under the sun (or moon), and quality varies. Here are some apps that are either free or inexpensive.



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