Explore the Great Outdoors 2018

When I write these introductions each fall, it always feels like a version of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.” Only, as an adult, I don’t get a summer vacation. Like most of you reading, I squeeze my fun into nights, weekends and the occasional time off. There’s a ton of stuff to do outside and never enough time to do it. Which is why you have to make every second count.

In this year’s Explore The Great Outdoors, I chose to focus more on the things that go along with the hunt, than the actual hunt itself. There are plenty of stories out there on how to tag that big buck, which trails to hike for the best scenery and which honey holes offer the best fishing in the fall. The focus this year is on all the little things leading up to the outdoors and after you’re done with your big adventure.

We start with a closer look at ammo (p. 5) with a story from my friend Nic Johnson at Fog Ammo. These guys took some ammo, cut it in half, and compared it for you to see.

After that, we let Rachel Olver, a junior at Honesdale High School, tell you about her summer vacation (p. 13) at a wildlife leadership academy. (See, my introduction DID have a tie-in!)

Once you’ve read through that, you’ll probably be getting a bit hungry. I’ll give you some tips on smoking that meat (p. 15) you’ve had laying in your freezer since your last hunt.

I’m guessing that after you’ve had some smoked meat, you’re going to be looking to head back out and get some more to put in the freezer again, so I invited Hunter Hill to share his thoughts on camo (p. 23). Let’s just say he advises against flamingo hunting in the Northeast.

And finally, I’ll share some more of the knowledge I’ve collected through the years by giving you a simple explanation on sharpening knives (p. 25).  Because even if you don’t bag that trophy this year, it’s always good to have a nice sharp knife to slice a tomato with.

Just in case you were wondering, “What I Did on My Fall Vacation”... I finally managed to bag a salmon, but there’s no time for an essay on that, I’ve got to get back to exploring the great outdoors.


Amanda Reed, editor


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