Explore the Great Outdoors 2017

Whether fishing, hunting or just walking around, getting outside is one of the best things you can do. There’s no medical study I’m going to cite with proof of that. You’ll just have to take my word for it. 
I’ve been a staunch believer in that since my kids were small. Which is why both my daughters enjoy being out on a hunt or with a rod and reel at their side. I’ve got some advice on how you can get your kids (or someone else in your life) out there to hunt right along with you (page 4).
I’ve done a few new outdoor activities this year too. Last fall was a trip for salmon fishing in Pulaski, NY, and this past spring I fished the lower Delaware for stripers. Though you won’t find those stories in here, you will find the next thing on my outdoors bucket list... coyote hunting. Ron Tussel explains the ins and outs and offers tips on a successful hunt (page 11).
 Once you’ve ticked the next hunt off your list, you’ll probably be talking to a taxidermist. I’ve got some tips straight from the taxidermist’s mouth for you(page 17). Or, you could always try your hand at dipping your own skull (page 19).
For those of you who are tech-addicts like me, and still love the outdoors, I’ve done some research, some testing and decided what are some of the best outdoors apps you can have. After all, our phones seem to be connected to us constantly, so why not put it to real use (page 21)! 
Last but not least, I hope you’’ll stick around til the end of the magazine to see how you can fish without a license. I’ll give you a hint... you’re not going to catch anything living... but you might strike it rich (page 28).
Whatever you do this fall, make sure you get outside and Explore the Great Outdoors.  

Amanda Reed, editor


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