Explore the Great Outdoors 2016

It seems like summer had just begun and we’re into the fall months again. Though the weather is turning colder and the trees are losing their leaves, there are still plenty of things to do outside. 

If you’re in Pennsylvania and happen to be looking for some different hunting areas, Ron Tussel has a guide to four different areas that are away from the mass of hunters (p. 4) and offer unique opportunities to hunters and explorers alike. 

If you are going hunting this year, Nic Johnson of fogammo.com will help you understand the point of different bullets (p. 10). Its not just the price, that’s for sure. Learning when to use a full metal jacket or a ballistic tip can be the difference in bagging that trophy this year.

While you’re out and about this fall, be sure to turn an eye to the sky, as peregine falcons (p. 16) have been spotted in a secret location by our own avid outdoorsman Scott Rando. From fledgeling to full grown, a keen eye will really help you spot these amazing birds of prey.

Wondering if antler rescrictions are really making a difference in your back yard? (p. 22) Some statistics from the PA Game Commission might just suprise anyone who is still skeptical. And, while you’re pondering that, make sure you check out when the season starts with our handy list on page 24. 

Finally, I’ll take you on a different kind of hunt this year. I’m hunting chicken in the woods and it’s not what you think (p. 28). The thrill of the hunt can be found in many different ways. 

No matter what your adventure, make sure to get out there and Explore the Great Outdoors.

~Amanda Reed



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