What about Obamacare?

About 22 million or so people have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, and many others, inlcuding five people at The River Reporter,  have health insurance policies created under Obamacare reforms.

The Pennsylvania Senate race

[The River Reporter has a long-standing tradition of not endorsing candidates, but we do think that it is important for our readers to know the stands of candidates on major issues, especially that which we have discussed on these pages. To that end, we present below information on what the candidates in the race for Pennsylvania’s U.S.

Big money in the 19th

With the election inching ever closer, the money is being spent hand over fist in races all over the country, and the spending in New York’s 19th Congressional District is being juiced by a lot of money from political action committees (PACs) and super PACs.



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