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Opioid crisis sparks flood of lawsuits

Through the decades, manufacturers have sold many unsafe and harmful products to the American public. Every so often, the pain and destruction from one of those products becomes so widespread and unavoidable that elected officials are compelled to go after the manufacturer of those products to seek compensation for society.

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The right to catch measles

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there have been more than 1,000 documented cases of measles in the U.S. in 2019, higher than the number confirmed in 1994 when 963 cases were reported for the entire year.

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Insects, extinction and biodiversity

This issue of The River Reporter features several stories on insects—some wanted, like bees, others unwanted, such as emerald ash borers, ticks and spotted lanternflies, all of which have populations that are growing in the Northeast. Globally, however, insects are under threat as their populations decline.

Prepare to become hotter, wetter

The roads in Pennsylvania are a mess this spring. Part of that probably has to do with the record-breaking weather events the state suffered last summer and winter. The summer produced the most rainfall for the season ever recorded in the state and the state’s infrastructure took a beating.

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Compressor could turn election

Town of Tusten Councilwoman Brandi Merolla, a Democrat, is supporting Republican Rob Doherty in this year’s election for county legislators. Doherty is running against incumbent Democrat Scott Samuelson, who was formerly chair of the Sullivan County Legislature and is currently the representative for District One.

If by whiskey

On Friday, April 4, 1952, a 29-year-old Mississippi state representative named Noah Sweat delivered a speech at a dinner banquet for his fellow legislators. He was nearing the end of his only term in office. Mississippi was debating the legalization of liquor at the time and the young Rep.



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