Dear Misanthrope, Love, The Malcontent

Dear Misanthrope,

Although we have never met I’m confident that this missive will find you and yours enjoying the best of the best which is the perfect time for me to to speak to you with candor. To start, I must commend you on your authenticity. From the moment you were turned loose in the troubled NYC of the late ’70’s, you have been the personification of brashness, boldness, brazenness and unmitigated gall (I admire gall). Although you miss the mark more often than not (Central Park Five, countless business failures, multiple marriages and shamelessly trying to delegitimize this nation’s first Black President) we are in complete agreement that the 2016 Presidential election is “rigged”. 

What other explanation can be given for the revolting situation the American Electorate finds itself in during this Presidential election cycle. We are not voting for the “Democrat” or the “Republican”…we are voting for the future of “Democracy” and our “Republic”, neither of which you seem to care much about. Your supporters argue that a President need not be a politician while ignoring the fact it is impossible to be the nominee of a major political party without being just as political as they are albeit untried and less gifted.

Your sycophants have labeled you a “genius” and “brilliant” for navigating your way through tax law as well as law suits, but truth be told, you’re really just smart enough to know that you are just not smart enough to be Commander In Chief of these United States…a nation born from revolution and now proudly defined by the words E Pluribus Unum. 

Naturally, as Jefferson suggested all systems must be open to change but here in America WE THE PEOPLE no longer use bloody revolution to bring that change. In America WE THE PEOPLE right wrongs through law and do so in a peaceful manner. WE THE PEOPLE have shown time and time again that open discussion in the town hall of ideas along with acceptance or rejection by the majority is the very heart of a truly democratic society. Conversely, the suppression of ideas you and your supporters seek is as totalitarian and fascist as it gets.

Citizens of all races, sexes, faiths and orientation have died in innumerable wars for our country with no question of their fitness to serve every being raised. Yet you call for limiting such freedoms for some even as you use them to make yourself wealthy and the greatest NON-POTUS ever! In fact, many of the targets of your vitriol are far more qualified to hold office than you. That said, if the universe continues to unfold as it should, by the time you get this message, the election and its excitement will be over and while the rest of the nation embraces the new status quo you will have suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in our electoral history. Of course, your complete lack of humility will cause you to fight it in some way and it is my opinion you should bring the fight to me…here in  (site of Woodstock 1969) “So' Luvin' County”. 

So’ Luvin’ is on the threshold of greatness with construction of a new world class casino and health spa well underway and Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary quickly approaching. What we need now is the kind of BIG LEAGUE branding boost that only an almost President can provide. So pack all of your Greatness and the people that make it happen, into your Jet of Greatness and let my people know when you have clearance to land it in So’So' Luvin'’ International Airport where a limo (or chopper) will await to take you the Holy Land where a fellow Forbes Billionaire has done a Great job of “keeping the lights on”! 

The same self-made billionaire will introduce you at The Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts where you will outline your plan to create a new multi-media center here and seize this great opportunity to breathe life into our systems of education, communications, energy production and transportation providing the impetus for the greatest community transformation this country has ever seen as WE THE PEOPLE of So’So' Luvin'’ reach collective Greatness…a WIN, WIN, WIN scenario!

When all the shouting is over, you will admit that you never really wanted the POTUS gig and were as surprised as we are that you even sniffed the office and realize that America was born Great and every American that has ever lived has enjoyed that Greatness in some measure. Very few (if any) have enjoyed that Greatness quite like you. 

Time to share!


The Malcontent


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