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Samuel W. Pennypacker was governor of Pennsylvania in 1903 when the Wayne Hatchery #4 was built in Pleasant Mount. Wayne Hatchery #4 originally sat on 14 acres of property donated by Alison B. Sterling. The major water source is the Lackawaxen River via Beaver Meadows Reservoir (Belmont Lake), obtained in 1917.

Senior dog preventative screening

Several years ago, I wrote an article about cancers of the spleen, hemangiosarcoma. Hemangiosarcoma is a malignant vascular tumor that occurs in veins and large organs such as the spleen, heart and liver. In many cases patients with this cancer may not show any symptoms indicating they are not feeling well.


New Year’s resolutions are commitments we make to our self. While there is some magic to the New Year, being successful with a resolution takes more than midnight magic. To fulfill a resolution we need to challenge our self. We need to take on the job of reworking how we work.

Looking Back

Pictured is the No. 1 Lake Huntington Fire Company finishing up after a house fire. Pictured, top right, is a hose cart, possibly the one currently displayed at the Cochecton Depot, donated by the late Solomon Katzoff. The company consisted of two trucks, (Model T Fords), one chemical truck and two pumpers.

TRR photos by Jude Waterston

Christmas cookies for kooks

I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl, when I first coveted the Easy Bake Oven featured in commercials on television. Ignoring my pleas, but wanting to motivate me, my mother rolled up my pajama sleeves, propped me on a stool, and introduced me to the kitchen stove.

Lake Huntington News

In case you did not know it, winter is here, and the Christmas parties have begun. On Friday I went to the Catskill Mountains Resort for an office party. They were very nice; I am a very picky eater, and they made what I wanted. On Saturday was The Red Hatters of Lake Huntington’s Christmas party at The Lakeview Luncheonette.

Looking Back

Picture courtesy of Mae Porr Carroll; shared by Victoria and Keith Krauss
Faster than fairies, Faster than witches,
Bridges and Houses, hedges and ditches,
And charging along like troops in a battle,
All through the meadows the horses and cattle; 
All of the sights of the hill and the plain 

Feral cat management

Ownerless cats may look the same, but there is a difference between a stray and feral cat. A feral cat is one that is born and raised in the wild with little or no human contact. A stray cat is one that has been abandoned or left from home and became lost. A stray cat is homeless but has already been habituated to humans.



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