Honesdale helps WMH with CT costs

HONESDALE, PA — The Honesdale Borough Council presented Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) with a check for $250,000 to help offset costs of a powerful CT (computerized tomography) scanner. The funds constituted a grant awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Gaming Local Share Account (LSA) Monroe County. Wayne County does not have its own gambling outlets, but the law says that such funds are available to municipalities in counties contiguous to Monroe. They must be used for economic development, community development and public interest projects.

CT scans combine X-ray images and use computer processing to create cross-sectional images or slices of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside the body. They provide more detailed information than X-rays. The CT scan at WMH is an AquilionTMPRIME CT from Toshiba. It provides faster exams than the hospital’s previous equipment, according to WMH officials, and uses “the lowest doses of radiation that are reasonably achievable while producing high-quality images for precise diagnoses.”

Under the terms of the grant, Honesdale Borough is entitled to fees from the grant total. Hospital officials thanked the borough for its efforts and paid $1,500 for the required grant audit and an administrative fee of $5,000 for the pass-through grant administration.


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