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In 2016 more than 64,000 people lost their lives to the opioid/fentanyl/heroin epidemic that is destroying families all over the U.S. (“The First Count of Fentanyl Deaths in 2016: Up 540% in Three Years”—The New York Times, 9/2/2017).

And make no mistake. It’s happening here. It’s happening in our communities, in our families. It is heartbreak that we don’t talk about much.

It has a stigma. It has a judgment attached to it that says, “Addiction doesn’t happen in good families.”

But it is happening everywhere and goodness has nothing to do with it.

It is the coming together of human nature and a greedy pharmaceutical company, that systematically played down the addictive nature of oxycontin, while it was encouraging doctors to over prescribe them.

It’s about physiology.

It’s about how communities get together and share information and help each other. It’s about a connection, a network of health care providers and health care institutions working with county governments and agencies to provide needed services that help people move from addiction to recovery.

So what would it look like if we, as a caring and innovative community, actually tackled this national epidemic? Then we could say, it’s a cause for celebration.

We start where we are. 

So welcome to this first special section on addiction and recovery.

It starts basic. A little bit about addiction, the psychology of denial, and resources that are in the area.

And it’s also an invitation. It’s a first step in holding space, very public space, for all of us to talk openly, to explore together, this national epidemic of addiction and overdose.

We are thankful for the businesses, institutions and organizations that are supporting this community section.

Laurie Stuart, Publisher



Wayne County Drug & Alcohol Commission

Drug and alcohol prevention, screenings and assessments; treatment placement. 318 10th St, Honesdale, PA , 570/253-6022

Wayne Memorial Behavioral Health

Outpatient treatment facility providing a full-range of behavioral and mental health services, including addiction assessment.

600 Maple Ave, Honesdale, PA, 570/253-8219,

Wayne County Drug Task Force

County DAs office for reporting suspected actitivies

925 Court Street, Honesdale, PA, 570/253-4912

Wayne’s Drug Tip Text Hotline

570/391-0657, Text 24/7 or email

Wayne County Crisis Hotline


Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force

Narcon training, educational outreach

PA Treatment and Healing (PATH)

Outpatient drug and alcohol program, intensive outpatient program

1855 Fair Avenue, Honesdale, PA, 570/253-3980

Pike County Catholic Services

Evaluations, outpatient care, inpatient referral, Pike County residents only. Route 6 & 209, Milford PA, 570/296-1054

Pike County Crisis Hotline

24/7 telephone support, mobile unit, referrals 800/849-1868

Pike Behavioral Health

Outpatient treatment facility providing a full-range of behavioral and mental health services, including addiction assessment.

750 Route 739, Lords Valley, PA, 570/775-8219,




Free support meetings for families and friends of alcoholics who live with alcohol and drug abuse.

845/339-5116 (24 hours)

Alcoholics Anonymous

A 12-step program that comprising alcoholics who support one another to maintain sobriety.


Catholic Charities of Orange/Sullivan

24-hour drug and crisis center evaluations, outpatient, community residential, medically supervised withdrawal (inpatient included), and supportive living.

396 Broadway, Monticello, NY 845/794-8080,

Catskill Regional Medical Center

Short-term inpatient care for adolescents and adults evaluated as in need of a detox.

68 Harris Bushville Road, Harris, NY,


Department of Community Services

Services in mental health, alcoholism and drug abuse, including an outpatient program and clinic.

20 Community Lane, Liberty, NY, 845/292-8770,

Narcotics Anonymous

A mutual support organization and society of people for whom drugs have become a major problem.


New Hope Manor

All-female, residential substance abuse treatment with variable lengths of stay for women ages 13+

35 Hillside Road, Barryville, NY, 845/557-8353,

Public Health Services

Free information and referrals for treatment and recovery services.

50 Community Lane, Liberty, NY, 866/832-5575


Sullivan Agencies Leading Together

Agencies and community resources working together to help people to navigate and find the services they need.



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