TOWN OF LUMBERLAND PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS   NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 250-60(D) of the Town of Lumberland Zoning Law, that the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Lumberland will hold a public hearing on the 23\'d day of October, 2023 at 7:00 PM, or as soon thereafter as practicable, in the Town of Lumberland Municipal Building Meeting Room, 1054 Proctor Road, Glen Spey, New York 12737.  This hearing is for consideration of the application of George Van Althius at properties owned by George Van Althius, seeking to construct a Thirty Foot by Thirty Foot (30\'x30\') detached Garage with a Twelve Foot by Thirty Foot (12\'x30\') carport area in locations that do not conform to local Zoning requirements at property located at 963 Route 31, GlenSpey, Town of Lumberland, New York 12737, and designated as Section 14, Block 1, Lot 51.2 on the tax rolls for the Town of Lumberland. This property is located in the Rural Residential and Historic Overlay Zoning Districts.   The variance requested is to permit Structure (Garage) closer to the road principal structure (Residence).  construction of an (in the front yard)  Accessory than the    A copy of the proposed site development plan is on file of the Building Official for the Town of Lumberland, Road, Glen Spey, New York, for inspection and review.  in the Office 1054 Proctor   All interested parties, and all other persons will be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard in respect to the application. Persons may appear in person, by attorney, or through a representative.  Written communication in relation to the above hearing and application may be mailed or filed with the Town of Lumberland Zoning Board of Appeals, Town of Lumberland Municipal Building, 1054 Proctor Road, Glen Spey, New York 12737, or at the Public Hearing. All Communications should be marked with the name of the applicant and the date of the hearing.    Appeals  Daniel Edzenga, Chairperson ofBoardZoningLumberlandofTown2023August28Dated:

Posted 9/14/2023