What Did You Do This Weekend

Musical entrée

This past weekend was filled with music. After the intense snow storm Stella last week, and being stranded in our homes, we were all excited to get out. Oh yeah, and it was St. Patrick's Day. Although I hadn't planned on celebrating, my friend threw together a last minute St. Paddy's party at her house. We were instructed to BYOP (bring your own potato). I remembered that I had tater tots in the freezer so I brought those along. It turned out to be the only potato at the party, but my friend baked chocolate chip cookies.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This past weekend, January 21, I participated in the largest world-wide protest ever: the Women's March. Before I address the negative views that this march has received, I'll start with the positive.


Why did we march? For me, and for many people, it was for myriad reasons. Women's rights are human rights. And the Trump administration is actively working to take our rights away. 


This march was to make our voices heard. I mean, why does anyone protest? We hope to incite change. To make a difference. And, for solidarity.


Very Superstitious

This past Friday was Friday the 13th and my friend's birthday. So she held a superstition birthday party, naturally. She decorated her house with a bunch of candles and colored string lights and a ladder and other creepy paraphernalia. She invited people to BYOBC (bring your own black cat). I have a black cat (named Iggy) but thought he should maybe stay home. So I dressed as a black cat. It was a really fun party. We played "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder of course.

Snow Day

I miss snow days as a kid. I would always go outside to play in the snow and go sledding. Sometimes I would just lie in the snow and feel the deafening silence envelop me. Wow that got dark. Anyway, then I would come back inside, take off my soaking wet socks and lay them by the radiator, and make hot chocolate. 

What the Dickens

Turns out, this expression is not referring to Charles Dickens. The phrase, like many famous phrases, originated from Shakespeare. Dickens is a euphemism for "devil." It was used in Shakespeare's "Merry Wives of Windsor" (Act III, Scene II): "I cannot tell what the dickens his name is." Anyway, Charles Dickens and his Victorian time period was celebrated this past weekend in Callicoon. My dance students (ages 7-10), Catskill Dance Company, performed an excerpt from "The Nutcracker." They were adorable. The audience loved them. 

All Work and No Play

This was one of those weekends where I didn't really do much but it somehow felt incredibly busy. Although it did start out with some fun.

I continued my new Friday night tradition of swing classes at the Western Hotel in the ballroom. Susan is an amazing teacher and we have so much fun. Anyone can join, you don't need experience. We learn through silliness in Susan's capable hands.

Got That Swing

I spent my Friday night with a bunch of swingers... swing dancers that is. Yoga instructor, actress, and all-around guru Susan Mendoza taught a free swing dance class at The Western Hotel. It was upstairs in the grand ballroom and it felt like we were transported back in time, when people actually went out dancing on Friday nights. We were learning the lindy hop style of swing dance, and Susan told us it originated in Harlem.


The weekend is usually a time to let off some steam, but this weekend especially would prove to be essential in some steam letting off. The previous week was stressful (to say the least) for many, as well as a whole gamut of emotions: sadness, despair, fear--true validated fearing for their lives and the lives of others. Whatever "side" you stand on, you can't invalidate those emotions. Anyways, this isn't a political blog. Onward.

R + R

To me, the perfect weekend consists of a balance of doing three things: something relaxing, something productive, and something fun. This past weekend achieved that balance. 


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