Trafficking in our communities

Your Desire is Not Even Your Desire

Your Desire is Not Even Your Desire

Human desire is like a frisky goat behind a hedge. It has more tricks, more un-thought, unspoken motivations than we can foreknow. Mostly these have to do with sex and appetite, aspects of our lives that despite sexual revolutions, gay rights, The Museum of Sex, and ubiquitous porn, many people aren’t comfortable acknowledging the extent of or the impact on their inner as well as relational lives.

Reading the social body: children at risk for commercial sex trafficking

Monday morning. Early. The reed-slender adolescent girl in the supermarket walking up the aisle ahead of me as if on helium is talking on her cell phone. She has the usual tats; bicep, ankle, nape of neck and thong line. She is dressed in flip-flops, tank top and low-riding micro-short-shorts that ride up the crease of her buttocks. Across the seat of her shorts in contrasting colors the bold letters read “TALK SHIT-GET SHIT!”


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