A River Runs Through It

Surprise Guest

“Little Wing,” as Damascus second graders call him, hatched at my place on March 11. His chrysalis, near my thumb, had been “home” for six months.

Valentines Day, 2019

"Maples in winter have a listening look,
Gray branch, gray bole,
Still are the bird songs, quiet is the brook, /

Awakening will come overnight...

                                                       — Inez George Gridley  

Winter diadem


“Diadem” is a traditional word for “jeweled crown”—sculpted here by splashing water, Arctic air and hydrogen atoms bonding into points and curlicues.


Sturdy Herald



The tough sheath of this Skunk Cabbage plant holds flowers that will bloom in March to entice early fly species to their pollen.

I made the picture on January 21, with the thermometer at five degrees.  

Art in a ditch


January 13, 2019

During a hard freeze on Sunday morning, a trickle of water in a ditch had congealed into these squiggles and curliques—like bizarre fossils from a vanished sea. 

And I wondered if even NASA’s powerful computers—loaded with equations and numbers—had the power to analyze it.



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