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The Art of the Press

The Art of the Press was impressive!

At its center was old-time basic printing: the lifelong work of Ed Kraus. Posters, tickets, signs. And all around the edges was an artistic eye and the honoring of passage of time and community curated by visual artist Brandi Merolla of Narrowsburg.

Newspaper, you gotta love 'em

I like newspapers.

I like the thought of newspapers.

I like newspapers as a way for everyone to have access to the same information.

It is a place and a space where there is a communal representation of the places and spaces where we live.

Newspapers are important as they frame in a visual way the values that make up our community, the things that we care about, the special news that we have to share.

A Christmas Prayer

A Christmas prayer for peace


Creative spirit, friends, loved ones, hear our Christmas prayer.


Let there be peace in our hearts and in the hearts of others.  In the heart of the world.


May there be a peace that transcends personal and national boundaries and a peace that embraces all of creation.


Out and About

The rhythm of my life as publisher is emerging. Maybe.

All I know is that I’m loving being out and about -- taking pictures, talking to people.

My weekend started with a visit to the Barryville Farmers Market.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to go there – and was thankful to talk to farmers and food providers as they were packing up for the season.

Serving community through business

"I like what I do and I don't need to make a killing with my pricing," said Andrew Ford, from Key Light Media Productions.  

"I have a passion for people," Z. Ivet Bandirma, MA said, as she introduced Blue Sky Business Consulting.

The sentiment speaks to passion around vocation.  And passion around vocation was on display at the Wayne Library Alliance's (WLA) Small Business Showcase held at the Park Avenue Complex on Saturday, October 21.

Small business people are like that.  They like what they do and they find ways to follow that passion.

Appreciation in Narrowsburg

I love small town living.  I like being a part of the community being in community. Being connected to community connected with community causes me feel connected.

Community being in community is one of the special things about the Upper Delaware River Valley.

And that was happening, for some of us in Narrowsburg, NY on Saturday, October 14,

Simultaneously, the Narrowsburg Fire Department was hosting an open house, in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week and the Tusten Town Board was feting volunteers in a Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Returning for the first time

I’m delighted to be back at The River Reporter. After 11 years of criss-crossing the country in the process of becoming ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister, I have returned to serve as publisher of The River Reporter and CEO of its parent company, Stuart Communications, Inc.

It’s an exciting time for newspapers!



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