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We are all connected

We’re all connected.

That’s the beauty in rural living. Everyone is connected to someone else. And while that’s probably a truism for existence itself—we are all connected—it’s a reality that we realize daily in this rural landscape.

Answering the Call

You never know who is going to be on the other end of the phone.

On Tuesday this week, it was a father who had just learned that Narrowsburg Home had closed and he was desperate to locate his 40-year old son who had lived there.

His call was transferred to the editor who told him where residents had been relocated.

Telling our own story

It was raining and beautiful on the way to Hancock on Thursday morning. It was foggy and it seemed perfect to go rather slowly, to enjoy the leaves and the subtle glow of the rain-drenched highway.

Riding from Narrowsburg to Hancock, some 35 miles, is an experience of moving slowly through a landscape. For me, it's a landscape of natural beauty, undulating hills, steep banks, and sparse population.

A day in the life of a newsie

One of my most favorite parts of my job is handing out papers at local events. I like to walk through the crowd, displaying a copy of the paper and say to people: "Copy of the local paper?"

Most of the time people are happy to receive it. Sometimes there is a cheery response of "Oh, I already read that one."

And Saturday was a triple header.  

Thinking Forward

In a few short weeks, a new study of the Upper Delaware will be released. Entitled "Making Connections: Roots of Prosperity in NY & PA's Upper Delaware River Region. (Two presentations are scheduled for October 11.  One in Hancock in the morning, and the second one in Honesdale, PA in the afternoon, details below.)

Rules of Engagement

I have often thought that our editorial staff meetings could be live-streamed. I find the conversations stimulating.

Yesterday we were talking about a letter that arrived via the mail humorously responding to the Adolph Hitler quote that we ran on August 16.

What a legacy!

When I arrived in 1978, Narrowsburg’s Main Street was in decline. I have a vivid memory of a women’s shop that Betty Kelly vigilantly ran.  In the window was a woman’s half bust adorned with a Maidenform Cross-Your-Heart Bra. To this then 22-year-old rather boyish young woman, it looked forlorn.



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