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I told you so

We’re going to be okay. That’s what I tell myself as I contemplate the state of things. 

While it might sound naïve, it’s actually the only efficient side to come down on when considering the current state of things that are hailing down and swirling around us.

More about integration

If it’s not one thing it’s another.

The rain. The snow. The frigid cold.

Food recalls.

Romaine lettuce. Eggs. Tyson chicken nuggets.

As I muse on these everyday occurrences, I think about how it affects us all differently.

It’s another take on the integration that we as a community need to implement.

The frigid cold.

Holding the whole

“Sullivan County has taken off,” Legislative Chair Luis Alvarez announced at the State of the County address held, fittingly so he said, at the Sullivan County International Airport last Thursday.

Lots to celebrate

Glasses were raised as the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. The occasion was the opening of the new 200-seat hall at the Catskill Mountains Resort.

“You must be so delighted to have a wedding hall in the Town of Highland,” I gushed to Cathy Daboul, one of the chamber’s movers and shakers.

 “Yes,” she said. “There’s The MountainView Manor in Glen Spey, and now we have something.”

Finding gifts at year's end

We stand on a precipice.

No. I don’t mean the state of the world, the environment, or the social structure of our entire society.

What I mean is quite simple. Quite physical. It is set in time and space.

It is the space between the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. (It’s this weekend!)

Chance Encounters

It might not have been Christmas when Judy Harlan walked into the newspaper office, but it felt like it.

I had never met her.

“Judge Cooke is being honored by the Monticello Masons and you are going to publish a tribute section to him. I’ll contact the people who need to write for it, and sell the ads. The price for a quarter page will be …”

She was a gift.



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