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Remarkable Remarks

He started and ended with humor.

He struck the right balance between being personable and humble, recognizing our local camaraderie and standing up as a national leader.  He knew his facts, understood exactly where he was and articulated that he was well connected to influence and advocate for the region’s economic development and preservation and protection priorities.

Looking back, looking forward

Sometimes it's helpful to remember where you've been, when considering where you're going.

Another reprint.

The river runs through it

The River Reporter

By John Arden-Hopkins

[Reprinted from “A Celebration of Community Excellence,” 1997 New York Press Association Better Newspaper Contest.]

Oh what a life!

In looking forward, sometimes it's handy to look back.

I think of this, a Sankofa moment, as the long winter winds down, soon to be replaced with an undoubtedly hectic season.

I contemplate the past, present and future of The River Reporter. I contemplate my life in it and reached into the archives for this personal reflection that was written for the 25th Anniversary Edition, published June 28, 2001.

Spring Convention Takeaways

The good news is that weekly newspapers report that they are doing okay.

In fact, small weekly newspapers make up 73% of the market in New York State.  Weekly newspapers  throughout the nation account for 68% of the number of total newspapers.

Of that, 37.5% (39% in NYS) report that they are relatively healthy.

42.5% (44% in NYS) said that their financial situation was “not bad, not good.” (That’s where I weighed in on the survey. Not bad, not good.) 

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to NYPA we go

I and four others staffers (Amanda, Elizabeth, Taylor and Veronica) are off to the New York Press Association’s Spring Convention later this afternoon.

I’ve been attending this annual convention off and on for over 30 years.  I can recall the first year that Glenn Pontier, Dave Hulse and I attended.  We got up early and drove to Albany, collected a few awards and drove home in the evening.

"The BEST" aspects of community

It is always a treat to gather with the winners of the Annual Readers Choice Awards. Last night was no exception.

It's an important way to celebrate community and to celebrate passion and vocation.

From tattoo artists to elementary school teachers, the gathering of BEST winners is an experience of people in the present moment being able to articulate what makes them and their business thrive.

Mea Culpa

The River Reporter prides itself on its good journalism.  We try.

Oft time, we do okay.  Best paper around, I often hear.

And sometimes we fall short. Our coverage of the moving of the Barryville Farmer’s Market is a good example. In announcing the move, we simply reprinted the market manager’s social media announcement.

The cream rises to the top

The conversation started with the color of the cream and a cup of coffee to go from Narrowsburg’s Main Street’s Tusten Cup.

“Do you want room for cream or milk?” my server asked me.

“Yes,” I said, with an enthusiastic smile on my face.

I love the cream at the Tusten Cup.  It’s the real thing.  And because of that, the color is slightly off-white.

I ask the server, whom I now know is Lexy, whether people comment about it.

The Yin and the Yang of it

My father was exuberant on the phone Tuesday evening.

“I want you to personally thank …,” he began.

I waited expectantly, my mind whirling.  Why would my father want me to personally thank someone?  He lives in Vermont; I live in the Upper Delaware River Valley.

“Jude Waterston,” he continued. “I made her Asian pork marinade tonight and it was great!  I like Chinese food, and the flavors were so good.”

Through the eyes of your neighbor

In The River Reporter’s early days, former editor Glenn Pontier used to sit with the paper after it was printed and read through it several times.  First, he would read it through the eyes of Beth Peck, the then board president of the Tusten Times, a non-profit board that was formed to oversee the paper when it was first established in 1975.



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