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Rainy day and Mondays

I have always enjoyed the sound of rain. I have found it soothing. It’s a day to stay inside. And it’s a great excuse to not work in the garden.

Sitting on the back porch watching a thunderstorm roll in has been a bit of a treat. The sky darkening, the air getting still. I would count the seconds between the lightening and the thunder, calculating the distance that the center of the storm was from my safe perch. (One second, in my mind, would translate into 1/10 of a mile.)

A little of this, and that

We’re psyched here at The River Reporter.

The 50th Anniversary Commemorative cards have arrived.  Just in time for the busy 50th anniversary season, the cards will be on sale through local businesses and organizations. And we’ll be hawking them at area festivals, farmers' markets and anywhere where people gather.

We must do better

When the highway crew came last week and scraped out a gully on the side of the road, we knew that when the rains came there would be mud.

And mud there was. The crew was trying to fix a problem with massive amounts of water careening down Erie Avenue in Narrowsburg. The steep road is pitched incorrectly, and a catch basin that used to handle water is now paved over.

The markers of history

I have always felt that the spit of land at the confluence of the Ten Mile River and the Delaware held great spiritual energy. From the stories I had heard, this was where the peaceful Lenni Lenape tribe summered.

Remembering the Beginning

Understanding the role of a newspaper, especially in this age of social media and traditional media disruption, is an exciting one.  

News collection and dissemination is expanding. And it is more important than ever that the public be invited into the machinations of creating and presenting the news.

That's what I loved about this week's issue, where we have labeled and explained different elements of the paper and how they fit into a cogent whole.

Way back when

When musing on work of The River Reporter, I always come back to the amazing people who so tirelessly and graciously contributed. Each contributes their own perspective and gifts. This week, I reach back into the 25th anniversary edition to reprint the reflections of Andrea Henley-Heyn and Ed Wesely.  

Lessons learned at TRR


Remarkable Remarks

He started and ended with humor.

He struck the right balance between being personable and humble, recognizing our local camaraderie and standing up as a national leader.  He knew his facts, understood exactly where he was and articulated that he was well connected to influence and advocate for the region’s economic development and preservation and protection priorities.

Looking back, looking forward

Sometimes it's helpful to remember where you've been, when considering where you're going.

Another reprint.

The river runs through it

The River Reporter

By John Arden-Hopkins

[Reprinted from “A Celebration of Community Excellence,” 1997 New York Press Association Better Newspaper Contest.]

Oh what a life!

In looking forward, sometimes it's handy to look back.

I think of this, a Sankofa moment, as the long winter winds down, soon to be replaced with an undoubtedly hectic season.

I contemplate the past, present and future of The River Reporter. I contemplate my life in it and reached into the archives for this personal reflection that was written for the 25th Anniversary Edition, published June 28, 2001.

Spring Convention Takeaways

The good news is that weekly newspapers report that they are doing okay.

In fact, small weekly newspapers make up 73% of the market in New York State.  Weekly newspapers  throughout the nation account for 68% of the number of total newspapers.

Of that, 37.5% (39% in NYS) report that they are relatively healthy.

42.5% (44% in NYS) said that their financial situation was “not bad, not good.” (That’s where I weighed in on the survey. Not bad, not good.) 



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