Mo' Said

A Simple Solution to the Complex Issues of “People Like Us”

Heard ya’ missed me, well, I’ve been a bit busy but, according to my observations, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. 

You see, in another life, I ran Plays For Living, a NYC based non-profit that uses drama as a tool for bringing the unspoken into the open around sensitive issues such as diversity, substance abuse, domestic violence, aging and other social challenges.  Theater techniques such as plays, improvisation, and role-play can serve as powerful catalysts to raise awareness and build awareness skills. 

Take a Beale pill and call me in the morning

I’d like to start this “Howard Beale” (Network~1976) moment with a confession…I am absolutely and totally addicted to mainstream media. Don’t judge me yet…recent research suggests that we as a species spend as much as 200 of our 480 waking hours each month “connected” in some way. AND…as a student of Media Ecology (I have a degree that says I know more about this than the generals…believe me)…I can confidently say that YOU ARE TOO!.


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