Lure of the Week

Little Cleo 8/24/18

I’ll start off this week with a thank you to the folks at Acme Tackle for sending a Little Cleo to test. I personally love this fast-flashing little spoon and have used it a lot while trolling Duck Harbor in Pennsylvania.

Mepps Aglia #2 8/10/18

If you have been fishing very long at all, you will probably have seen this week’s lure, The Mepps Aglia French Spinner. In terms of spinners, there are endless colors and variations, body styles, and blade shapes.

Keitech Minnow Rig 8/3/18

In lieu of last weeks’ blog, I thought I’d review another lure in the synthetic polymer world, the Keitech minnow rig. There are a number of brands and varying shapes, but my review applies to the average beige plastic minnow, approximately four inches long with a flat circular tail designed to catch water and wiggle left and right like a wriggling baitfish.

Whacky Worm Rig 7/26/18

This week, I’m going to deviate slightly from the straightforward piece of tackle in order to share a very widely appreciated rig.  I was recently in Tom’s Bait and Tackle here in Narrowsburg picking up lures to try out when I got to talking with a river-guide named Mike.

Jitterbug 7/20/18

One of my most successful and reliable lures is the Jitterbug. For anyone who knows the Jitterbug lure, it is a top-water lure made to mimic the sound and appearance of a mouse or small animal that has fallen from a tree or the clutches of a bird down to the surface of the water and is now struggling to swim.

Phoebe 7/13/18

Since last week I talked about the Krocodile, I thought this week I should share my take on its young cousin as I like to think of it, the Phoebe. The Phoebe, by Acme Tackle, is another spoon and shares a lot of the same versatility and variations that the Krocodile does. However, it is typically smaller.

Krocodile 7/6/18

As a serious fisherman I’ve spent my share of time learning about various lures and rigs and how to use them. After years of experience I still find new lures out there, either technologically advanced or simply a hybrid of older classics. However one question remains for every lure out there; does it catch fish?



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