Lure of the Week

The Hot n’ Tot by Storm 11/9/18

I’ve never really heard much from other anglers about the Hot n’ Tot nor have I used one myself that I can recall but I was in Gander Outdoors recently looking for a lure to review with my wife and she picked it out for me. The only rules I gave her were that it had to be “neat looking” and not one that I’ve done already.

Rat-L-Trap 10-26-18

The Rat-L-Trap, pronounced ‘rattle trap,’ is a kind of crankbait, designed without a lip. Instead, it has a tie-on ring located just past the top of the head and a flat ridge along the top of the lure that slopes outwards once past the tie-on.

The Rapala J-7 10/19/18

It sounds like a fighter jet or maybe even the new model of BMW, but the Rapala J-7 is as effective as it is uncreative in title. The lure is of course produced by Rapala and the ’J’ in J-7 refers to the joint in the lure. The 7 refers to the size of the lure.

The Crankbait by Goture 10/12/18

In many of the recent Lures I’ve compared them to or mentioned the crankbait. So it’s about time that I actually cover one. There are a lot of crankbaits out there, and for the most part they don’t have defining names. Some do, but in terms of knowing the difference between products, it helps to know who made the crankbait.

The frog by Rebel 10/5/18

I think I am cursed by frogs, frog lures that is.  This week I tried out the frog by Rebel. It isn’t a floating frog like the one I tried from Lunkerhunt a few weeks back. This frog was completely different in design and function. It is only about as heavy as a #2 spinner, and 2 inches long counting the rear hook.

Kalin's 3" white Grub 9/7/18

This week’s lure deserves a drum roll, however it loses its effect in type. Let me just say that in our little test pond behind The River Reporter, this lure performed better than anything else we’ve thrown yet. Just yesterday the sky was partly cloudy but the heat was up in the nineties and sweat was rolling off my head within minutes.



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