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Phoebe 7/13/18

Since last week I talked about the Krocodile, I thought this week I should share my take on its young cousin as I like to think of it, the Phoebe. The Phoebe is another spoon and shares a lot of the same versatility and variations that the Krocodile does. However, it is typically smaller. Phoebe’s that I have seen and used come in three sizes; the first is about the same size as the average Krocodile, the second is just a hair smaller and the third is about half that size. One difference in particular is their defining minnow shape.

Krocodile 7/6/18

As a serious fisherman I’ve spent my share of time learning about various lures and rigs and how to use them. After years of experience I still find new lures out there, either technologically advanced or simply a hybrid of older classics. However one question remains for every lure out there; does it catch fish? I’m beginning this series of lure reviews and testing to call attention to not only the new and flashy lures on the market, but also the tried and true for those anglers who may not have heard of what may become their newfound Excalibur.


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