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Captain Dan's Erie Dearie 2/1/19

Thank goodness for Tom’s Bait and Tackle. With the weather this week I haven’t been able to make it out to town to go lure shopping, but reliable as always remains Tom’s Bait and Tackle in Narrowsburg, NY. What’s more is the always-helpful history I get whenever I pick up a lure there. This week I perused the racks and came across what I was told was a favorite of the old owner. Captain Dan’s Erie Dearie.

The Blade Bait 1/11/19

Ok. I give up. I keep thinking the ice is going to form up any day and I’ll be out ice fishing with wild abandon. Or at least with as much abandon as one can have in a largely sedentary sport… Anyway, while I continue to wait for ice on the local waters, I figured I’d step back and review a lure from the good old sunshiny days of summer.

Whipworm by Berkley Powerbait 1/4/19

Happy New Year everyone! And with the New Year comes fishing license renewals for all you PA fishermen. New York fellas are ok, gotta love that year-to-date license. But for all of us it’s time to start fresh, start our counts over, reset our personal best stats and pretend we don’t already have five fish in the freezer. (Or 20…)

The Rattl’n Flyer Spoon by Lindy 12/28/18

Approaching the new year it’s a good thing there’s lots to do with the holidays. Especially because the stinkin’ ice will not form up! I know it’s technically a little early but it’s such a tease to see the ice form up almost thick enough before getting rain and warmer weather that knock it all out. Anyway, I’m still itching to get out and start ice-fishing if that wasn’t obvious.

The Eel by Thomas 12/21/18

I’ve been getting all set for ice fishing this winter. The ice hasn’t quite thickened up yet and we’ve had a few warm days that just keep the waiting game going. But in the mean time I’ve been reading up on ice fishing methods, tips and tricks, in the hopes that I’ll be even halfway successful this winter. I live in Northern Wayne County and just recently was reminded of a local giant in the lure industry.



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