Graphically Enabled

Get off my grass!

I sit here in Albany. At a concert. In a bar. I guess you could call it more than a bar. But basically it's a big bar. I'm surrounded by college kids. Kids who are dancing. Spilling beer, dropping pint glasses, and generally being the gauged ear, man bun wearing crowd I assumed would be there. 

I've got an addiction

Seriously. Will someone help me out?

I have 5, that right... 5 fish tanks. Seriously. How one person could let this go that far is beyond me.

It started with a betta (or should I say RE-started) and then i found a cheap 45 gallon tank, and then I was given another 45 gallon tank. And then I upgraded the 45 gallon to a 65 gallon, but why get rid of that smaller one? Why not use it for other types of fish? And then, I got asked to test out a new all in one kind of tank. Sure its only a 5 gallon tank, but it fits perfectly on my desk at work.

Insert Title Here

Honestly, I can't think of what to call today's post. So, the name of this post is simply, Insert Title Here.

I heard on the news this morning that there was a bachelor party gone awwwwwwwwww.

Super cute, yet super similar to Game of Thrones. 8 dogs for 8 men? Don't worry, they have no resemblence to dire wolves. Sadly, I guess this means there won't be dragons any time soon either.

It's fall

Sometimes I won't post much in text, but rather just put up a picture or two for viewing. This will be one of those.


I love Halloween

I love Halloween. In my mind, it's better than Christmas. Fun costumes and free candy? Count me in.

I love haunted houses too. I've now been to Reaper's Revenge twice. We ran a story I wrote in the Fall Upper Delaware Magazine. Well, we ran a portion of it. In the spirit of keeping it a surprise for readers, we cut a lot of detail out.

So, SPOILER ALERT.... here's the write up in it's entirety. Spoilers, screams and all.

And it begins

I decided in my spare time, I would start writing a blog for our new website. Not because I have oodles of time, but because I often find interesting things to share online, and other than to my Facebook friends, I really have no where to put it all.

This blog will be a huge assortment of different things. No real theme, unless you call it the theme of my mind. Even settling on a name for this seems to be an enigma to me.

After a little thought, ok, a lot of thought, I decided to call this blog Graphically Enabled.



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