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Can we talk?

Can we talk for a minute?

Yeah... let's talk about that. 

I know. I'm a designer. It means I see things that make me cringe ALL THE DAMN TIME. Seriously. 


That flyer you made? Hand-lettered sign with bad kerning?

Your choice of fonts, and god forbid people learn that clip art doesn't make things better. 


LPT: Read this post

The internet if full of tips, tricks and generally weird things to try and save you time and money.

Some of the things are down right genius. 


Some... well, let's just say if posted on facebook, people would try them just because "it has to work because it's on facebook!"

See exhibit 1:

Fish bits

It's been a bit since my last post. I've been super busy with work. But, since it's Friday afternoon and I'm out of mental gas, I figured, HEY, why not blab some and just relax for a little bit.

I set up a second small tank at work. I put a little betta in there and named him Greyscale. I guess my kids are right, lame name, unless you have my designer sense of humor. 


So, that's him. 


Resolutions you can keep in 2017

I've given you all TEN FULL DAYS. 

Have you realized that you've lost your hopes and dreams of 2017 resolutions? No? Yeah, ok... I'll believe that. 

Resolutions are for suckers. You try and try, and might make it for the first week, or hell, even a month... but eventually we all end up in the corner sucking our thumb like a baby and crying out the name of our pet goldfish from when we were 6. 

Screw all that. Im here with a list you can actually do. Ready?

I've visually created some resolutions you can seriously deal with and do. 


Almost Christmas

Ok, I've been slacking. Things at work have been super busy. Holiday schedules, extra projects, this website you're reading my ramblings on... is there more work I should be doing instead of writing for you? You bet there is. 


However, when it's time for a break, it's time for a break. And, I have actually walked away from this computer three times for other work that needs to be done around the office before I finished writing this sentence. Seriously. 


So, anyhow... let's talk about my new favorite Christmas movie. Can you guess it? I'm betting not.

What a week

It's been a long week. And when I say that, I'm not referring to a Monday through Friday deal, but rather from last Wednesday to this Wednesday. 

On the schedule? Well, there was an early paper for Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, hunting for that elusive 125-gallon fish tank... switching all the fish tanks out when I finally got that big one home, prepping for Friendsgiving, cooking for twenty or so people, cleaning up, and then making it into the woods on Monday to hunt. 

FTS Friday

A what? Im sure you're thinking that. FTS stand \s for full tank shot. Its an acronym on a subreddit I frequent. Fridays are designated days for posting a "full tank shot" of your aquarium. 

Sometimes you'll see tropical gems like this:


Other times you'll get to see these great sculpted designs:


Honesdale goes viral

That's right... Honesdale has gone viral. 


I've seen it on reddit, the Daily Mail, heck, it has 3,700,231 views on youtube as of 12:15 on 11/16/16 and it was only posted November 14. It's #4 on trending on Youtube right now. 


Kind of crazy isn't it?





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