Musical entrée

This past weekend was filled with music. After the intense snow storm Stella last week, and being stranded in our homes, we were all excited to get out. Oh yeah, and it was St. Patrick's Day. Although I hadn't planned on celebrating, my friend threw together a last minute St. Paddy's party at her house. We were instructed to BYOP (bring your own potato). I remembered that I had tater tots in the freezer so I brought those along. It turned out to be the only potato at the party, but my friend baked chocolate chip cookies.

Can we talk?

Can we talk for a minute?

Yeah... let's talk about that. 

I know. I'm a designer. It means I see things that make me cringe ALL THE DAMN TIME. Seriously. 


That flyer you made? Hand-lettered sign with bad kerning?

Your choice of fonts, and god forbid people learn that clip art doesn't make things better. 


Reading the social body: children at risk for commercial sex trafficking

Monday morning. Early. The reed-slender adolescent girl in the supermarket walking up the aisle ahead of me as if on helium is talking on her cell phone. She has the usual tats; bicep, ankle, nape of neck and thong line. She is dressed in flip-flops, tank top and low-riding micro-short-shorts that ride up the crease of her buttocks. Across the seat of her shorts in contrasting colors the bold letters read “TALK SHIT-GET SHIT!”

Peep flavored Oreos?

Sometimes I'm a sucker for weird items you find at the grocery store. Pumpkin spice things... spicy things... weird beer...

Today's finding... Peeps flavored Oreos. 

So, I wasn't going to do this onmown. OH NO. I suckered Tanya and Isabel into eating some too. Well, not exactly suckered, cause a cookie is a cookie and an oreo is even better. 



In case it doesn't show up embedded for you, Ive provided a link

LPT: Read this post

The internet if full of tips, tricks and generally weird things to try and save you time and money.

Some of the things are down right genius. 


Some... well, let's just say if posted on facebook, people would try them just because "it has to work because it's on facebook!"

See exhibit 1:


Courage means that in the moment we are true to our self. We are not giving the moment away to feel accepted and validated by others.

Courage transforms challenges into new opportunities and a renewed sense of conviction and self-esteem.

As we act courageously we discover our inner strength and identity. When we act with courage we discover that he have within our self an innate force that is never diminished by circumstances. In acting courageously, we simultaneously discover and strengthen our connection to our own true self.

Fish bits

It's been a bit since my last post. I've been super busy with work. But, since it's Friday afternoon and I'm out of mental gas, I figured, HEY, why not blab some and just relax for a little bit.

I set up a second small tank at work. I put a little betta in there and named him Greyscale. I guess my kids are right, lame name, unless you have my designer sense of humor. 


So, that's him. 


This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This past weekend, January 21, I participated in the largest world-wide protest ever: the Women's March. Before I address the negative views that this march has received, I'll start with the positive.


Why did we march? For me, and for many people, it was for myriad reasons. Women's rights are human rights. And the Trump administration is actively working to take our rights away. 


This march was to make our voices heard. I mean, why does anyone protest? We hope to incite change. To make a difference. And, for solidarity.




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