Serving community through business

"I like what I do and I don't need to make a killing with my pricing," said Andrew Ford, from Key Light Media Productions.  

"I have a passion for people," Z. Ivet Bandirma, MA said, as she introduced Blue Sky Business Consulting.

The sentiment speaks to passion around vocation.  And passion around vocation was on display at the Wayne Library Alliance's (WLA) Small Business Showcase held at the Park Avenue Complex on Saturday, October 21.

Small business people are like that.  They like what they do and they find ways to follow that passion.

Appreciation in Narrowsburg

I love small town living.  I like being a part of the community being in community. Being connected to community connected with community causes me feel connected.

Community being in community is one of the special things about the Upper Delaware River Valley.

And that was happening, for some of us in Narrowsburg, NY on Saturday, October 14,

Simultaneously, the Narrowsburg Fire Department was hosting an open house, in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week and the Tusten Town Board was feting volunteers in a Volunteer Appreciation Day.


This really seems to be a theme here. Except for this time, I already had someone I knew would come with.

My older daughter. At almost 18, she's got some pretty defined tastes in music: country, rock, hard rock, harder rock. See where I'm going with this?

Now, on a scale of one to holy metal head batman, I'd say Incubus is a 4. They were mainstream enough to hit the top 40 charts, but not so soft that I felt like I was listening to the soft classic rock they play at the dentist's office.

Sad Clowns & Hillbillies

It's a good title, but I didn't come up with it. Eventually, I'll let you in on that... but let's back up to the beginning of Friday, July 7 shall we?

Sitting at my desk, just like any other Friday. Working on the Literary Gazette, (which will be coming out soon btw). My phone rings. I, of course, answer it. 


"Hey, It's Fox"

"Yo," I reply.


Seriously, this is how we talk to each other. Maybe it's from years of working together... maybe we're just that lazy. Either way...

It's been a while!

This is where I should apologize profusely for not having written anything in quite some time. However, if you know me, you'll understand that's probably not what I'm about to type.


I've been busy making all sorts of publications because summer is in full swing and this is how the world works. 

TRR has an Instagram account now. I've added that to my plate. So, if you're on IG, and want to see what wacky photos and inspirational hashtags I use follow theriverreporter on there. 


If you want to see MY stuff, follow graphicallyenabled

Your Desire is Not Even Your Desire

Your Desire is Not Even Your Desire

Human desire is like a frisky goat behind a hedge. It has more tricks, more un-thought, unspoken motivations than we can foreknow. Mostly these have to do with sex and appetite, aspects of our lives that despite sexual revolutions, gay rights, The Museum of Sex, and ubiquitous porn, many people aren’t comfortable acknowledging the extent of or the impact on their inner as well as relational lives.

Bagel Chips and Finding Our Way Home

With working half-time at the South Nassau UU Congregation in Freeport, NU, I often arrive on a Thursday.  I come prepared with single serve meals, that Stephen and I have stored in wonderful glass bottomed and plastic top containers.  As I am putting away my food, for my four-or-five-day stint in residence as Transition Minister there, I check out what has been left from Sunday refreshments.  This day, there was a half of a grocery bag filled with bagels, that had been sliced in half and in half again.

Earth Day 1990

I remember it quite clearly. The National Mall between the fountain and the Capitol, in D.C.. I was 8 years old. My parents took me down there for the 20th anniversary of earth day. 


So many people... so many bands. I guess in reality, it was the first concert I went to that I really remembered. 


Comments anyone?

We've added comments to the website...

I can only imagine what will happen on some of my blog posts... probably crickets. Tons of them.


Ok, probably not TONS of crickets, but if you're one of the 5 people who peek at this, I'm going to count you as 250k crickets. 




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