What the Dickens

Turns out, this expression is not referring to Charles Dickens. The phrase, like many famous phrases, originated from Shakespeare. Dickens is a euphemism for "devil." It was used in Shakespeare's "Merry Wives of Windsor" (Act III, Scene II): "I cannot tell what the dickens his name is." Anyway, Charles Dickens and his Victorian time period was celebrated this past weekend in Callicoon. My dance students (ages 7-10), Catskill Dance Company, performed an excerpt from "The Nutcracker." They were adorable. The audience loved them. 


Discipline is about our relationship with our self. It is not about appeasing an external standard or authority. Discipline is the result of being in congruence with our self.

                                                                             DISCIPLINE IS CONGRUENCE WITH SELF

This congruence is destroyed by fear. This fear is left over from our lives as children, when we learned to limit our self to what was acceptable. Love became a reward for obedience. Love lost its status as the assumption of being. We learned to live in conflict with our authentic self.

All Work and No Play

This was one of those weekends where I didn't really do much but it somehow felt incredibly busy. Although it did start out with some fun.

I continued my new Friday night tradition of swing classes at the Western Hotel in the ballroom. Susan is an amazing teacher and we have so much fun. Anyone can join, you don't need experience. We learn through silliness in Susan's capable hands.

What a week

It's been a long week. And when I say that, I'm not referring to a Monday through Friday deal, but rather from last Wednesday to this Wednesday. 

On the schedule? Well, there was an early paper for Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, hunting for that elusive 125-gallon fish tank... switching all the fish tanks out when I finally got that big one home, prepping for Friendsgiving, cooking for twenty or so people, cleaning up, and then making it into the woods on Monday to hunt. 


Perseverance is the most important adjective in my personal profile. Without perseverance I would have stayed stuck in my bad habits and misunderstandings. With perseverance I utilize the lessons that come my way. I go beyond my stuck places to the unknown possibilities awaiting me. What a quality.

                                                                         FALLDOWN FIVE TIMES; GET UP SIX.

Got That Swing

I spent my Friday night with a bunch of swingers... swing dancers that is. Yoga instructor, actress, and all-around guru Susan Mendoza taught a free swing dance class at The Western Hotel. It was upstairs in the grand ballroom and it felt like we were transported back in time, when people actually went out dancing on Friday nights. We were learning the lindy hop style of swing dance, and Susan told us it originated in Harlem.

FTS Friday

A what? Im sure you're thinking that. FTS stand \s for full tank shot. Its an acronym on a subreddit I frequent. Fridays are designated days for posting a "full tank shot" of your aquarium. 

Sometimes you'll see tropical gems like this:


Other times you'll get to see these great sculpted designs:



Well, it's been more than five days.  After two weeks on my diet, I lost 2.5 pounds and gained 3.  I had a good time gaining the weight, hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays.  But I'm back at it.  I realized a food plan is fine but not sufficient to deal with my task.  My focus needs to be more on managing cravings.  Time for a new slogan.  As I mentioned, slogans lose their punch and need to be refreshed.  My new slogan is:

                                                                            ONE CRAVING AT A TIME



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