Remembering the Beginning

Understanding the role of a newspaper, especially in this age of social media and traditional media disruption, is an exciting one.  

News collection and dissemination is expanding. And it is more important than ever that the public be invited into the machinations of creating and presenting the news.

That's what I loved about this week's issue, where we have labeled and explained different elements of the paper and how they fit into a cogent whole.

Road Trip

I’m writing this post from my phone. So forgive me for any formatting issues. In my haste to pack I, of course, neglected to pack my laptop. 

It's really not a huge deal, since this is the only thing I really needed it for.

590 miles and a tank of gas later, I’m enjoying the sun and 90° weather. It’s seriously a welcoming change after waking up to 37° last week. 

I took a few days south to recharge and to visit with a young woman who is like a daughter to me  

Way back when

When musing on work of The River Reporter, I always come back to the amazing people who so tirelessly and graciously contributed. Each contributes their own perspective and gifts. This week, I reach back into the 25th anniversary edition to reprint the reflections of Andrea Henley-Heyn and Ed Wesely.  

Lessons learned at TRR




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