Art in a ditch


January 13, 2019

During a hard freeze on Sunday morning, a trickle of water in a ditch had congealed into these squiggles and curliques—like bizarre fossils from a vanished sea. 

And I wondered if even NASA’s powerful computers—loaded with equations and numbers—had the power to analyze it.

Having eyes to see...

January 8, 2019

Driving through Carbondale on Route 6,  about 4 p.m., there was an amazing rainbow. I pulled over and managed to irritate a few drivers to get a few pictures.

All the way to Moosic Mountain and down to Waymart were other rainbows. 

How sad so many drivers speed by,  rushing home in time for the "real" TV news.

Lots to celebrate

Glasses were raised as the Greater Barryville Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. The occasion was the opening of the new 200-seat hall at the Catskill Mountains Resort.

“You must be so delighted to have a wedding hall in the Town of Highland,” I gushed to Cathy Daboul, one of the chamber’s movers and shakers.

 “Yes,” she said. “There’s The MountainView Manor in Glen Spey, and now we have something.”

The Blade Bait 1/11/19

Ok. I give up. I keep thinking the ice is going to form up any day and I’ll be out ice fishing with wild abandon. Or at least with as much abandon as one can have in a largely sedentary sport… Anyway, while I continue to wait for ice on the local waters, I figured I’d step back and review a lure from the good old sunshiny days of summer.



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