Mea Culpa

The River Reporter prides itself on its good journalism.  We try.

Oft time, we do okay.  Best paper around, I often hear.

And sometimes we fall short. Our coverage of the moving of the Barryville Farmer’s Market is a good example. In announcing the move, we simply reprinted the market manager’s social media announcement.

As you can imagine, a single post on social media, no matter the reliability or its authenticity, does not hold the whole of the situation.

The cream rises to the top

The conversation started with the color of the cream and a cup of coffee to go from Narrowsburg’s Main Street’s Tusten Cup.

“Do you want room for cream or milk?” my server asked me.

“Yes,” I said, with an enthusiastic smile on my face.

I love the cream at the Tusten Cup.  It’s the real thing.  And because of that, the color is slightly off-white.

I ask the server, whom I now know is Lexy, whether people comment about it.

The Yin and the Yang of it

My father was exuberant on the phone Tuesday evening.

“I want you to personally thank …,” he began.

I waited expectantly, my mind whirling.  Why would my father want me to personally thank someone?  He lives in Vermont; I live in the Upper Delaware River Valley.

“Jude Waterston,” he continued. “I made her Asian pork marinade tonight and it was great!  I like Chinese food, and the flavors were so good.”



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