Too busy to post

Another really short post. Seriously short. Working on the new website has me completely occupied. So, enjoy a few images from Shinedown at Bethel Woods and hopefully I'll have something more for you next week. 


By then, the new website should be done. And since I don't have any photos or concerts lined up within the next week, I'll have to think of something to actually say. Til then, keep an eye out for the new website and enjoy the photos I did get laoded.

Quick... write something.

I've got a ton going on right now. Between my normal workload, the concerts and events, I'm about maxed.

But here's the thing, I can't be maxed.

Because in between all of these things, I'm working on a brand new

That's right. BRAND NEW. Learning a new CMS is always tricky. Sure, the guys on the other end are making it easy, but there's no manual for using the site. It's pretty intuitive... once you learn the basics. So, Im making landing pages and linking things throughout before we go live with it.

Celebrating Community Life

Cecilia Coacci has been cooking for days.

“So far, I have made a tray of chicken, a tray of onions and peppers, 30 sausages, six racks of ribs. Tomorrow I am making the pasta salads. And that doesn’t include the 60 hamburgers and hots dogs that we’ll cook on the grill.”

“Jane’s making a couscous salad. Martin's bringing ..."

The creative process

Sometimes you can just buy things.  If you have the money, that is. 

If you don't, then you have to figure it out in a different way.

Such was our dilemma when we started researching point-of-purchase displays for the commemorative Woodstock 50th Anniversary playing pards that we produced in collaboration with the Bethel Business Association. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are extremely expensive.

Tie-dyed fingers

Some days I sit at a desk for 10 hours. Some days I spend hours photographing things. Other days... well... (according to Kevin and the Pug Patrol at least) it looks like I'm frolicking outside the building.


I was having a good time. But frolicking wasn't the word for it. I was armed with two dozen cardboard boxes, a peace sign stencil I made and five cans of spray paint. I was working hard.

On the move

I don't know about you but when things are a bit unsettled, creating some semblance of order seems to help.

We're practicing that here at The River Reporter.

We're cleaning up our space, recycling tons of paper and forms and generally getting very serious about what we don't want to stumble over.

100 duck-sized horses?

Summer is busy. There are tons of events, parades and parties to attend. I avoid a ton of them. Not by choice, but because I have other commitments for work. My friends know that though I'd love to swing by for a drink and celebrate with them at their gatherings, usually on a Friday night I'm headed to a concert.

If you read my blog with any consistency, you'll know that last Friday I was at Bethel Woods (again) for the first rendition of Mountain Jam held at that location. It was packed. PACKED.

Rainy day and Mondays

I have always enjoyed the sound of rain. I have found it soothing. It’s a day to stay inside. And it’s a great excuse to not work in the garden.

Sitting on the back porch watching a thunderstorm roll in has been a bit of a treat. The sky darkening, the air getting still. I would count the seconds between the lightening and the thunder, calculating the distance that the center of the storm was from my safe perch. (One second, in my mind, would translate into 1/10 of a mile.)



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