Autumn Guide to the Upper Delaware 2017

Autumn, said the poet Keats, is the season of “mists and mellow
fruitfulness;” the Upper Delaware Region has its share of both, not
to mention those clear, crisp days when you can see forever. Sandy
Long’s photo tour of the river valley reflects all of these (and has
provided us with our cover to boot). Take a virtual tour of some of
our most beautiful autumn locales, and get some tips about where you too will
have a chance to get some gorgeous photos.
When it comes to fruitfulness, you don’t have to go to a supermarket—or a farmers’
market, or even a farm—to collect autumn’s bounty. In these pages botanist Molly
Marquand, an expert in foraging, identifies some of the food you can find out in the
wild to enrich your fall larder, from berries to nuts that can be ground into flour.
Mists, meanwhile, can be beautiful, but also a bit spooky—calling to mind that centerpiece
holiday of the autumn season, Halloween. We thought we’d get you in the
mood by presenting a collection of local ghost stories, most of them from local historians
and one from the owners of Lumberland’s very own haunted mansion, Burn Brae.
And if you think festival season is over on Labor Day, think again: there seem to be
as many if not more street festivals during autumn as there are during the summer.
We provide you with a guide to this year’s fall street festival schedule, complete with
descriptions and photos, so you know when they’re coming up and which ones you’d
like to be sure to get to.
It’s not just the street festivals that take place in autumn. The Upper Delaware
region is fortunate in having three fall film festivals: the Big Eddy Film Festival, the
Black Bear Film Festival and the Canaltown Spooky Movie Festival. In last year’s issue
we told you about the Spooky Movie Festival; this year we fill you in on the other two.
There are plenty of places to go and things to do in the Upper Delaware in fall; we
hope these pages give you an idea of where to start.
—Anne Willard
Section Editor


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