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Out of the cell, into the zone

NARROWSBURG, NY — The stone figure that guards the Narrowsburg Union ditched its cell phone and picked up a new hobby. As of March 11, the statue is equipped with a fishing pole with a 32-inch Rainbow Trout

already on the hook. The Denizen, a collaboration between Wayne Holbert of Holbert Brothers Blue Stone and Pat Carullo, is made of 30,000 pounds of bluestone and stands 18-feet high. “Denizen in the ZONE” is the second installation of the Denizen series, just in time for the beginning of trout season. The previous installation, which featured a giant 3D-printed, solar-powered iPhone was called “Denizen in a CELL.”

TRR photo Laurie Stuart

Carullo emphasized the importance of the word denizen, which means inhabitant of a particular place. “Here in our Upper Delaware part of the Catskills, we live in a beautiful place amongst cool individuals.

“When they are fly fishing, they are hip deep in water and a building could explode right next to them and they wouldn’t even notice. You can’t even wave to them! They’re in the zone, man. It’s them and the fish,” Carullo, the artist behind the 20-foot rod and reel, said about this Denizen’s title.

The rainbow trout was made from driftwood by whittler and chainsaw artist Todd Lund. “The wind catches the fish, and the fish on the statue is moving just like a [live] fish would,” Carullo raved.

You can see this Denizen and its impressive catch until Memorial Day weekend.


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