Photos contributed by Judy King 

The SPCA shelter’s roof before an anonymous donor pitched in for a new one. 

Donor gifts new roof to animal shelter

ROCK HILL, NY — Winter is a difficult time of year for the Sullivan County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Thanks to an anonymous donor’s generosity, the society’s shelter now has a new roof to better protect its cats and dogs from harsh weather.

The former roof, which spans the shelter and also covers the dog’s kennels, was cracked in places, making parts of the kennels susceptible to leaks when it rained or snowed. It was even in danger of caving in. Both of those issues have been solved.

“Now there’s new metal over the entire roof of the kennels, that makes it not only safe but comfortable for the dogs,” said Judy King, a shelter volunteer.

The Sullivan County SPCA is an independent nonprofit, meaning it doesn’t receive financial support from the national SPCA or ASPCA, and relies on the community to operate. “There’s a constant need for cleaning, organizing and interacting with the dogs and cats, getting them to continue to be comfortable around people,” said King.

The shelter staff now plans to repair the cracked cement floor of the building and coat it with epoxy, as well as fully fence in the property to give dogs more freedom to roam the grounds and play. The fencing project would also create more opportunities for the shelter to host events on the premises.

The donor who covered the cost of the new roof has promised to match any donations toward these causes up to $30,000.                

As the temperature continues to fall, lost dogs and cats, or those that have been abandoned by their owners, face extreme, life-threatening risk, King said. The shelter has the capacity for 30 dogs and 30 cats. She added that sometimes owners who can no longer care for their pets will leave them or tie them up somewhere near the shelter instead of bringing them in directly.

“We’re thankful for the support of our community to be able to help these defenseless animals,” shelter manager Debbie Dittert, in a release. “But, every day is a challenge, not only in helping our animals in immediate need, but in our struggle to find the resources to operate our shelter.”

People looking to help out at the SPCA can call 845/796-3120. If you’re interested in supporting the new repair projects, send a check to Sullivan County SPCA, PO Box 995, Rock Hill, NY 12775. Be sure to indicate that the gift is to go toward “shelter improvements.” More information can be found at


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