TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Knowing that warmer temps will inevitably follow the bone-chilling air that currently presides keeps me going, as I look forward to photographing the endless variety of flowers that dot the landscape of the Upper Delaware River region come spring.

Like sands through the hourglass…

Sitting at my desk trying not to listen to the drip, drip, drip of the kitchen faucet (you all know why) behind me, my mind wanders as I steel myself for the task at hand… cleaning up the desktop files from the previous year and preparing to begin anew.

“Shhh! Don’t tell!” I say, wagging a finger at the Wonder Dog, who can admonish me with a simple glance and hangdog expression playing across her adorable scruffy face. Saying goodbye to Dharma’s Lyme disease health scare of 2017 will be easy, but keeping her from telling The River Reporter’s (computer expert) Amanda Reed that my home screen looks like a pixilated bomb went off might be more difficult. Amanda and my pup have a language all of their own, and I’m in no mood to start 2018 in the doghouse.

That said, I run a gamut of emotions as images of the past year play across the screen, and I consider making some New Year’s resolutions that I will absolutely not keep. If I were to make any, however, I’m sure they would all revolve around using proper punctuation, making fewer spelling errors, employing better grammar (is my editor still reading this?) and getting my words and photos in on time. Uh huh.

IMHO, 2017 was not the greatest for a myriad of reasons, most of which I have bored y’all with week in, week out, so there’s no need to rehash. Aside from that, I know that you, dear reader, hang on to my every word and wait with bated breath for the next installment of my endlessly fascinating life here in the Upper Delaware River region, so there’s that.

Rather than begin the next chapter with endless chatter (I know, too late) I herewith submit a smattering of pictures from the virtual folders of my mind that represent some of the good times past before turning the page and looking forward to 2018 and the new adventures that await. Thankfully, I made notes with the photos as I plodded through the year, in order to remember where I was (or what I was doing) since I am not a young man. “Your brain is like a sieve!” my mother was fond of saying. So are the days of our lives.


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