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Bruce and April Bidwell’s brilliantly satirical “After Banksy” is being auctioned off to the highest bidder through Dec. 16, benefiting the DVAA. “We’re hoping to get 1.2 million,” Bruce said. “Or best offer.”

Good things come in small packages

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit that the last few daze have been a bit challenging for me. I was a little under the weather (and I’m not just talking about the foot of snow we all shared) and had to make some last-minute adjustments to my calendar. In doing so, I managed to turn Thursday into Friday, and Saturday to Sunday, so by the time the weekend was in full swing, I was completely discombobulated.

Even though I missed a few events occurring simultaneously in the Upper Delaware River region, I somehow managed to pull my act together and get to Narrowsburg and the opening reception of the 14th annual “Art in Sixes” at the DVAA. Gallery director Rocky Pinciotti ( was all smiles as hundreds of artists and aficionados filled the space to overflowing. Interested viewers were spilling into the streets as I paused to snap a pic of photographer Chip Forelli, whose black and white piece “Closing Time,” is featured in the window.

“It’s crowded in there,” I said to Chip. “Almost impossible to see the art up close.” The new exhibition showcases paintings, sculptures, photos and more with only one criterion: that no single piece be larger than six by six inches in any direction. More than 200 artists are featured in this year’s show. “I think a lot of people come to share the excitement that this show generates,” Forelli said above the din, “and then come back later to experience the excitement generated by the work itself.” While addressing the crowd, Pinciotti  gave a toast to the artists and the small army of volunteers who assist in the Herculean task of mounting the large-scale exhibit of small-scale work. “I think more people need to know about this show,” Pinciotti said, while encouraging folks to engage on social media. “Everyone needs to know about this exhibit, this gallery, these artists and this town.”

The centerpiece of this year’s show is (IMHO) a brilliant send-up of New York City’s notorious street artist Banksy, who stirred controversy last month, sending shockwaves throughout the art community by intentionally shredding a painting that had just been sold for more than $1 million at auction. Aptly titled “After Banksy,” artists Bruce and April Bidwell were on hand for a photo-op and explained that their creation is “an homage” to the great prankster, as well as serving as a silent auction fundraiser for the DVAA. Bidding has begun and remains open until December 16, although the exhibit itself is on view (and for sale) until Dec. 23. As neighbors and friends prepare to “Shop Small” ( this weekend, what better time than the present to shop for presents right here in our own backyard? Good things come in small packages.


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