I haven’t gone away for several years. I’m in Mexico now, visiting with family. I can feel my self unwinding. I’m sleeping wonderfully. It’s a bit chilly in the morning, delightfully sunny in the afternoons, cool for perfect sleeping in the evenings.

While I continue my meditation and hatha yoga practices, I don’t have much to write. My mind is quiet. Not a lot of thoughts spinning around. Just perched on a garden bench. Quite on the outside. Quiet on the inside.

                                                QUIET ON THE OUTSIDE. QUIET ON THE INSIDE.

This warmer weather is calming, drawing me inwards. Winter weather could be a time of snuggling except for the demands of the cold. All that moving of snow, negotiating with ice, changing appointments tax us.

I’ve escaped for now; I'll be back soon. Take good care of you.

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